Thursday, September 13, 2012

ronnycakes revisits: Wondermama, Bangsar Village I

Remember we said that we would be highly anticipating Wondermama’s new additions to the menu in our last post? So on a night where Wils was craving for burger, Wondermama popped into our mind and we became curious how they would give the classic burgers a twist with their fusion concept.

The day that we went over, Wondermama had already introduced two new burgers into their menu; the Prawn Katsu Burger and the Kimchi Beef Burger (sounds super unique right!), but sadly the kimchi burger wasn’t available so we opted for the prawn one.

P1190195 P1190209
The Prawn Katsu Burger (RM15) combines Asian and Western together, with fresh crispy deep fried prawns with a hint of tartar sauce on a sesame bean bun. We opted for potato salad instead of fries to go with our burger, and the burger also came with a small serving of sautéed mushrooms. It was no doubt delicious, but a little on the small side for our appetites. :p


Potato salad with croutons!


We were given the chance to try this Clam Vongole before it was introduced on the menu. A soup base of tomato, white wine and here’s the kick: a touch of sambal! Definitely something you don’t see everywhere.


We also tried another recommended dish on the menu, the signature Nasi Lemak 2.0s (RM23.90), served with the basics of nasi lemak: sambal (with petai!!), anchovies, boiled egg, peanuts and crackers. What makes this stand out is the inclusion of deep-fried soft shell crab as a substitute for the classic fried chicken, and this Japanese-Malaysian twist works! Loved it.

P1190213 P1190219

P1190245 P1190247
To wrap up another great meal, we had this Chocolate Ice-cream with Beef Bacon. When we first heard it we were like ummm bacon and ice-cream?? Seriously?? We were definitely skeptical with this one but surprisingly the flavours blended well together (even for someone who doesn’t fancy beef).


Once again, an extremely satisfying meal that had us clutching our stomachs and now we can’t wait to go back again for more new offerings!

Wondermama (the old Outback Steakhouse),
Jalan Telawi 1
Bangsar Village I,
Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur

Map *here*


Baby Sumo said...

Oh nice, beef bacon ice cream is surely unique.

ronnycakes said...

Baby Sumo: indeed it was! :)

Choi Yen said...

I love the interior and the food also not bad, revisit is a must!


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