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ronnycakes and Wils reviews: Okomen Japanese Restaurant, Desa Sri Hartamas

I’m sure that all Japanese restaurant-goers have come across okonomiyaki before: a Japanese savoury pancake that has a filling of a variety of different ingredients, and distinguished by a nice pattern of sweet sauce and mayonnaise on the surface. Okomen at Desa Sri Hartamas is a Japanese eatery that specialises in okonomiyaki and according to the owner Alan (who also prepared all the food for us), Okomen was the first restaurant in Malaysia to bring okonomiyaki into the country.

Located in a fairly secluded nook of Desa Sri Hartamas (the row of shops behind the Desa Sri Hartamas Maybank), business was good on a Sunday night that was otherwise very quiet in the area.

This is Okomen’s signature dish, the Tori Oko (RM15.80). The last time I had okonomiyaki was more than 5 years ago, and the one that I had had a forgettable taste, but this one from Okomen was really good. Pieces of sliced pork with egg, onions and the delicious mix of sweet sauce and mayonnaise, it was a wonderful start to the meal.

DSC_0044 DSC_0045
You should sprinkle some bonito flakes on top of your okonomiyaki before eating it as the dried fish flakes add more flavour.

Okomen provides a nice pictorial guide on how to eat your okonomiyaki on every table.

P1190356 DSC_0070
Next was the Omu Tori Yaki Soba (RM13.80), with a filling of fried Soba Noodles. I’ve definitely never had noodles wrapped in egg before, but again it tasted delicious.

Next up we had the Mixed Modanyaki (RM28.80) which was also a fried soba okonimiyaki but instead of being egg-wrapped, it was in the same style as the first one we had; pancake style. Filling included prawn, squid and fried noodles.


DSC_0086 DSC_0059


Gyoza ((RM10.80) was served to us as well as a light snack.

Tontoro Itame (RM28.80), lightly marinated and crispy pork cheek.


P1190445 DSC_0119
Pork Kimuchi Ramen (RM19.80), Tonkotsu soup base with sliced pork belly and kimchi spicy and sour soup.


Kumamoto Ramen (RM22.80): a tonkotsu (pork bone) soup base with simmered pork soft ribs and pork belly.


Volcano ramen, looks innocent but the punch is in the chili, a blend of chili paste and pork cubes.

I liked that the chili paste came with bits of pork, but found it slightly lacking in oomph.

The soup base of the ramen was rich and full of pork bone flavour, but still not the same standard as our favourite Santouka.

The not-to-be-missed candy egg of ramens.

Another unique dish, Kimchi Pork. It was sufficiently savoury and spicy, but lacked a bit of the kimchi’s sour kick.

Scallop teppanyaki (RM25.80). Fresh whole scallops pan-fried with onions.

Unagi Maki (RM23.80)

P1190498 P1190512

Seafood Combo Set (RM38.80) consisting of teppanyaki prawn, salmon, and beef.

P1190517 P1190518
Finished off a delicious meal with a dollop of ice-cream each. Sesame on the left and green tea on the right.





Okomen is a great neighbourhood Japanese restaurant, and serves some really food okonomiyaki and pork dishes. For ramen on the other hand, it’s better to stick to ramen specialists like Santouka, Marutama or Menya Musashi. If you’re an okonomiyaki lover, Okomen is not to be missed.

7G, Jalan 22/70A
Desa Sri Hartamas
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Map *here*

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Cindy said...
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Cindy said...

santouka ramen really not bad...erm but the Tori Oko really look attractive to my tummy!!btw here my Santouka review:

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

sounds great! i have always loved okonomiyaki, but have yet to try it in such creative way! :)

@ ohfishiee

J2Kfm said...

You mean they have been around for that long to bring Okonomiyaki to Malaysia? Hmm, the place does look pretty new though.
In any case, we do have our local Mamak's interpretation with Maggi stuffed into murtabak!


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