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ronnycakes reviews: Bali Hai Seafood Market, Kota Damansara PJ

Bali Hai Seafood Market is a restaurant that hails from Penang, and this Kota Damansara branch is their first one in KL. It’s a huge open air (but surprisingly cooling thanks to the bamboo-ish hut covering on the roof) seafood restaurant that has more than a dozen seafood tanks on one side showing delicacies like live Alaskan Spider Crab, Snow Crab, geoducks, lobsters, fishes and such.

Starting off with the Indonesian Style Deep Fried Chicken Wings, this was the one thing that stood out for me all night. The chicken wings were fried just nice, meat was tender and the skin was just a hint of crispy. Coupled with the sprinkling of chili salt on top, one was definitely not enough for me (was there with a large group so only managed one piece T_T)!

Super delicious fried chicken wings.

Venison Stir-Fried with Kai Lan was a twist to the classic veg dish, oyster sauce with garlic and slices of venison. There was no gamey smell to the venison and it paired perfectly with the Kai Lan.

Tofu with Chicken Floss, your run of the mill deep fried tofu with chicken floss and dried shrimps adding slightly more oomph to it.

Steamed Lala in Spicy Ginger and Lime Sauce was tangy and spicy and very fresh.


Freshwater Prawns in Sweet and Sour Sauce were very fresh (and lots of prawn roe in the heads), and were priced at RM30 per prawn.

The obligatory Soy Sauce Steamed Fish at all Chinese dinners. The fish was very fresh but the sauce was quite forgettable.


Squid with Salted Egg Yolk was sufficiently savoury and rich. The squid pieces were tender and fresh too!

On to the star of the show! Large and juicy Meat Crabs in Kam Heong Style were delicious. Once again, the freshness of the meat was top-notch and the sauce was done very well. Kam Heong is my favourite style of crab! I especially love the intensity of the curry leaves.


All in all there were a few hits and misses at dinner, but all the seafood was very fresh. On the downside, food at Bali Hai is not what you would call cheap (the meal cost about RM1000 for 9 people) and the captain gave us a larger portion of prawns than she should have due to the amount of other dishes that we ordered. Maybe I’ll go back just for the fried chicken wings. :p

Sunsuria Avenue,  Persiaran Mahogani
Kota Damansara PJU5
47810 Petaling Jaya

(nearby the Tune Hotel in Kota Damansara)

Map *here*



ms.bulat said...

ate this the other day. definitely not cheap! though seafood wise was fresh

ronnycakes said...

Ms. bulat: i feel the exact same way! if not for the price i would definitely be going more often.

Cindy said...

yeah i think price bit high too..but crabs look realy juicy..

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the writer on the fried wings. It is too salty.

Do not go to this restaurant if you do not want to get cheated. I went to this restaurant twice. The first time it was average. The second visit was a bad experience.

We ordered a sea garoupa, expecting a fresh swimming one, but they gave us a dead one (the taste is very telling). We order four fresh prawns, they gave us six smaller dead / frozen prawns.

The price was also far higher than other restaurants (compared it against Unique Seafood a day later). The 'empurau' being sold there was also highly dubious.

Yong said...

Never again.

We were there today(4th Nov 2012) for a family celebration & was totally disappointed by its service.

My plan was to try Bali Hai with family and next month with my VIP customer. I am glad that this incident didn't happen infront of my customer. I even shouted at the captain to get some service.

I called to make reservation.As soon as we arrive our Shashimi Lobster was served but they forgot to make the soup. We waited a long while for the soup. From that point onward our order was messed up, drinks and rice was not served unless I requested for it. Our sweet sour crab was cool(crab cool gravy hot),the gravy was too little to go with our buns. They even forgot our buns.I decided to cancel the buns. Service was so poor as no waiter around us to serve us, captain was running around not sure what they are doing. Overall bill was about Rm800 for 6 adults and 4 children for Shasimi Lobster, Sang Har Noodle, Pandan Chincken, Claypot Tofu,Sweet Sour Crab,Choy Pak Vege and fruits(foc-negotiated during my call).

For the price we paid, I am sure we deserve a better service. Food overall was moderate

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