Thursday, May 3, 2012

ronnycakes reviews: Marutama Ramen, Fahrenheit88 KL

The search for good ramen will never come to an end; and we’ve heard some pretty good things about Marutama Ramen at Fahrenheit. Marutama like our all time favourite Santouka, is a franchise that hails from Japan and is considered amongst the best of ramen chains internationally.
Marutama is hidden at a pretty secluded corner of Fahrenheit (1st floor and all the way at the end), but the bright basketball-like logo will catch your attention immediately.


What makes Marutama different is that instead of using pork broth (as most other ramen places use), they use chicken broth that has been simmered for over 16 hours for all the flavour to seep out.

The signature Marutama Ramen (RM18), chicken soup ramen with a slice of roast pork, seaweed and spring onions and of course the unmissable soft centred egg that I love so much. At first glance you can already tell its quite different from the usual ramen due to the deeper yellow-ish tint to the soup which I think comes from the yellow tinge of chicken fat. Whilst I’ll always be a huge fan of pork stock ramen, I did find Marutama’s soup to be delicious despite the fact that it’s chicken stock. Plus points for that! Roast pork wise, was just average. I did love the addition of seaweed though.

 DSC_0128 DSC_0141
Marutama’s Nama-Karashi Ramen (RM18) looks exactly the same as Marutama Ramen but packs a hidden punch. The soup is a numbing spiciness not unlike the sensation that you get from tom yam (minus the sour-ness) and I actually preferred this to the Marutama Ramen; I’m a lover of spice! :D
The egg at Marutama was lovely, one of the best ones I’ve had. Very well seasoned and almost every piece had a properly done yolk. I think I ordered about 3 eggs to myself excluding the half side I got in my noodles.


Marutama is a no-frills and simple place for you to get your noodles fix, or if you’re interested to find out what chicken stock ramen tastes like.While in my books Santouka is still better, Marutama is cheaper and something different you can have if you’re bored with the other ramen places.

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Fahrenheit 88, Bukit Bintang
Lot Flr. 27.01, 1st floor
Tel: 03 – 2141 1573

Map *here*



boo_licious said...

U sure can live on ramen. I'm aiming to go try Yamagoya Ramen next at Solaris. Hopefully get to try a bowl this weekend.

wilsonsiew said...

she sure can. the obsession is obscene even for me. oh tell us how it is! looks highly rated based on other reviews.

Chong said...

When you are there next time, do try out their Char Siew Pizza. It's simple yet satisfying. Haha.


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