Monday, April 30, 2012

ronnycakes reviews: Korean BBQ at Little Korea, Solaris Mon’t Kiara

I’ve been thinking and thinking of Korean BBQ recently and especially the one at Little Korea which was one of the best BBQs I’ve had. It’s been sitting backlogged in my list of posts (had it on New Year’s Eve) so forgive me if there’s a discrepancy with names and pricing.

Korean BBQ is best shared to be able to try more things, how much can two fellas eat (plus the fact that Korean places give so much banchan)?

Sam Gyoub Sal (RM29) or pork belly slices, is great for barbeque, the natural pork fat that comes oozing out when you grill the meats makes it better than any ordinary stir-fry.

You can barbeque it yourself, or ask one of the waiters to do it for you. We requested the waiters to do it for us because we were too chicken faced with a spitting and sizzling pan *shy*.

The meat was great eaten on its own with the spicy bean paste sauce Little Korea provided for dipping, or wrapped up in fresh lettuce with the provided condiments and sauces.


We also had a bean paste sauce O Jing Oh (RM38) or marinated squid, which was top notch. Very fresh pieces of well-marinated squid in the spicy savoury bean sauce. Went great with rice!



Finally we had a Kimchi Jeon (RM27) or kimchi pancake, to share, and found it pretty disappointing, the only downside of the night. The pancake was bland and soft and barely tasted of anything.

In conclusion, Little Korea’s BBQ is definitely one to try, can’t go wrong with the BBQ meats. Soups there are really good as well, so bring a large group with you to try a larger range of dishes! We hear the Kimchi Hot Pot is good too.

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Little Korea Korean Restaurant
5-3 7-3 9-3, Jalan Solaris One
Solaris Mon’t Kiara, KL

Map *here*




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