Sunday, February 5, 2012

Clarissane reviews: Dubu Dubu Seoul Food @ Mid Valley Megamall

With everything Korean hitting our Malaysian shores these days, Korean food is of course never left out.

Barely a year old, a new Korean joint with a chic name – Dubu Dubu gives the popular Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights some competition.



Located in the LG concourse area of Mid Valley, this new place has commanded a great following for those foodies looking for a quick, no-frills and inexpensive Korean meal.



Even the food on display looked too enticing!



Typical Korean fare of Bibimbap, choose your preference of chicken or beef.. I of course chose the latter ;)
What is Korean food without beef :P


Mix it all up and enjoy!


All food comes with the usual three-sided Korean banchans, what I totally look forward to at every Korean meal!


The kim chi was good! Couldn’t resist a second helping :D


Another one of my all-time favourite: Spicy Kimchi Soup with Stewed Tofu and Beef served with brown rice. This was average I enjoyed the Bibimbap more.



But gotta give credits to the soft, tender and chewy texture of the beef slices!


Overall a pretty delicious dining experience with reasonable prices under RM20. Will definitely been on my list if I crave a quick, decent Korean meal. I think the sprouting of too many Ko Hyang joints have made their food standard deteriorate. Dubu Dubu would be a good alternative :)

Dubu Dubu Seoul Food,
LG-048 Lower Ground Floor,
Mid Valley Megamall.
Tel: 03-2287 8980

Map *here*



Anonymous said...

Warning Dubu Dubu!, Unfortunately is just another fake korean restaurant chain like Chego Korean restaurant run by Ichiban Ramen group.
Dubu Dubu is the only Korean restaurant on the planet that is not using kohjujang (Red Pepper Paste) in their sundubu soup. Instead uses instant noodle seasoning flavor??? Crazy or what?? Best of all, the staff is comprised of Malay and Indian even the chef???

Beware, More and more Fake Korean Restaurants are popping up nowdays. Kimchi in Tropica City Mall also is another one, should start a blog to weed out all the fake korean restaurants in Malaysia.

Please for first timers if you want to try Korean food, go to Ampang Korean Town to try real Korean cusine before venturing off to fake korean restaurants in the malls.


Anonymous said...

I know!! Tell me about it...was downright outraged during dinner at the newly opened Sunway Pyramid outlet.The waiter (Myanmar?) couldn't speak English and ended up sending me Sundubu jjigae when I repeated 3 times that I wanted the Spicy Kimchi jjigae. Even gave him the code to record down. There was no taste of gochujang- and I swear it tasted just of Maggie Chicken seasoning:(( The Honey Beef Bulgogi dish had a dismal amount of beef slices- presumably, they just sliced up 2 large raw onions and filled up half the hot plate!and c'mon...frozen peas with bulgogi? The kimchi was bland and dull looking.. this in line with attracting patrons who are new to Korean cuisine? All this after waiting 30 minutes for our dinner...and the bill came up to RM51 inclusive of a citron tea +service+govt tax. Any self respecting authentic Korean restaurant would never serve something like this to customers. Even I can do better. Never coming back nor would I recommend to family and friends.


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