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Wils reviews: Oriental Pavilion Restaurant @ Jaya 33

Most locals who are familiar with Chinese cuisines would be familiar with established flagship outlets such as The Tai Thong Group. In recent years, there has been an increasing number of similar flagship concepts, serving the highest end Chinese cuisines one has to offer. One of the notable flagships rising to the top is The Oriental Group of Restaurants. Recently at my dad’s big birthday bash, we were basked in the best way possible at Oriental Pavilion. Previously there were famously known as ‘The Oriental’ located at the now collapsed Jaya Shopping Centre.

To start off the celebrations awaits a 7 course meal served to each table of 10 pax. What is to expect would barely disappoint because my family and I are regular customers to their Dim Sum entrees.


To kick start this gluttonous adventure comes the first entree which is the Prawn Salad & Pan-Fried Crab Meat Cake. Served in a classy yet not too sophisticated fashion, the prawn salad looked bright and fresh with the crab meat cake not looking out of place.


The prawn salad was indeed a refreshing starter, something diversified from the usual starters served at flagship Chinese chains. Prawns were huge and fresh as was the honeydew and lettuce used topped with sweet mayonnaise.


The crab meat cake was one to salivate the moment it goes into your mouth. Juicy and rich in flavour that keeps you wanting more.


Next came what I consider the dish of the night; Braised Coral Shark’s Fin Soup in Claypot Thai Style. What makes this dish so special is not only down to my gluttonous passion for shark’s fin soup but also because the uniqueness in style, both in serving and flavour. The soup was absolutely tasty with the many herbs and the addition of bean sprouts make it an even more healthy yet enticing dish.


Then came the Charcoal Grilled Pork Ribs.


Marinated to taste, these ribs were served to impress and it certainly did. So freshly served that the smoked flavour lingers in your mouth and with pork this tender, 1 slab would barely be enough.


The following dish is somewhat an interesting one, in terms of its presentation. Called the Ying Yang Pomfret, you could see the remains from the fish used fried and placed on a stick.


Cooked with a couple of different greens, there was no sign of any bad taste in the fish. Although with the presence of red chilly used, you could tell that this dish is no spicy affair and that it has been stir fried with a variety of sauces.


If you’re Chinese (mind the stereotype), you are bound to love this dish. Its the Braised Abalone with Beancurd, Dried Oyster & Black Fungus in Beancurd Skin. Now, that’s a lot of beancurd involved in 1 independent dish but I assure you, it is absolutely mouth-watering.


From the first bite of the tender abalone to the content of the beancurd with stuffings in it to the refreshing broccoli and black fungus, its just an uncannily tasty experience to remember.


As we approached the end of the night came the Braised ‘Ramen’ Noodles with Minced Meat & Eggplant. The specialty of this noodles, its no ordinary meat, its crab meat! All seafood fanatics out there, you’d die to have a go at this dish. So pleasant to the mouth, the noodles were excellently cooked as was the freshness and softness of the crab meat.


Lastly came the Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Black Sesame Paste. All in all, the best dessert to end a memorable night.

I highly recommend all foodies with a great hunger for authentic Chinese food to give Oriental Pavilion a try because of the assurance of the highest order from this post alone. This specific 7 course meal cost approximately RM899 which isn’t exactly out of reach considering the expensive ingredients used in each and one of the dishes. Certainly, not an ordeal.

1st Floor ,Jaya 33, Jln Semangat, Section 13, PJ
Tel: 03- 7956 9288

Map *here*


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