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ronnycakes reviews: Mukha Café; Lorong Rahim Kajai 13, TTDI

There is a never-ending exploration TTDI, where so many cafés and restaurants set up shop. Half of these we have no idea about. So when Wils spied one of his friends heading to Mukha, we were glad of another new place for us to discover.

Tucked in a more quiet street than the more “happening” side of Lorong Rahim Kajai (where Sid’s Pub, TDH and 42 East) are located, Mukha sits beside Surisit (a Thai kopitiam we have yet to try) and is quite hidden so that if you weren’t looking properly you might just miss it. The first time we went looking for it, we completely drove past it before taking another round and going “it’s there, it’s there!!”.

Mukha is inspired by the seaport of the same name in Yemen and hence most of the food there has Middle-Eastern notes and influences. Shisha is also available for anyone who wants to puff on while having a long chat with friends.
The interior of the restaurant is cosy and warm, rough brick walls and a huge blackboard along the bar where the menu and the specials are written for all to see.

P1170651 P1180148
Left: Mint Hot Chocolate (RM7) was one of the specials of the day when we visited – full of minty chocolatey goodness!
Right: Virgin Mojito (RM8), a highly refreshing blend of mint and citrus.

Most of the time when I go to Mukha, I have their Chicken Kebab (RM13), which is total comfort food. Portion is quite large, lots of spiced chicken breast slices (yay!) with peppers and onions and a nice side of salad in balsamic vinegar.

P1180150 P1180157
The chicken kebab comes with some sort of garlic mayo sauce (slightly tangy as well) which went really well with the kebab’s taste especially if you stuff them into the pita bread that comes with the dish.

My friend had the Gulf Rice (RM16) a serving of basmathi rice with chicken cooked in briyani spices. It also came with vegetable chutney, mint yoghurt sauce and papadom. I didn't try this personally but my friend said that it was pretty good.


Wils had the Smoked Salmon Sandwich (RM14). A generous helping of smoked salmon between two slices of pita bread with something that tasted like mustard sauce on the side.


P1170636 P1170646
This Hazelnut Torte (RM9) came from a cake shop in the same shoplot as Mukha but beside Mukha (not sure if that actually made any sense lol) and is separate from Mukha. You have to pay for your dessert at the counter before the lady serves it to your table. The hazelnut torte that we had scored highly looks-wise and tastewise! It was moist and you could taste hazelnuts in almost every bite. Extra points for the truffle chocolate on top of the torte! :D

In conclusion, Mukha is definitely a place to check out. Prices are not at all expensive and the food that you get is good and value for money. The epitome of comfort food that keeps me wanting to go back for more.

Only downside is parking (as always), but if you get here early maybe before 7.30pm there should be quite a lot of spaces still.

Mukha Cafe @ TTDI,
15, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

Map *here*




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