Friday, July 6, 2012

ronnycakes reviews: L.table by Lavender, 1U Bandar Utama

Ever since Lavender set up shop at 1U, the bakery has been receiving an endless patronage of hungry bread-lovers. However, if you look behind the bakery which is right at the front of the shop, there is a restaurant by the name of L.table that is run by Lavender.



The interior is cosy, with a single pink daisy gracing every table.

One of the things we’ve always wanted to try at L.table was their Breakfast Skillet (RM22) because it looked too darn interesting to resist (sorry we’re suckers for fancy presentation :p). L.table’s version is somewhat different that the ones we’re used to because instead of bacon, lightly grilled pieces of chicken breast are served instead, and the chicken sausage are reminiscent of hotel buffet-type sausages. All in all, it was good but not really something to shout about. Extra points for the skillet though! :D

Sunny side up eggs.

Lightly grilled chicken breasts which were seasoned well. Still, give us bacon (even turkey bacon) any time!

P1170216 P1170217
We also had the Pappardelle and Duck Stroganoff (RM22) which was flat pieces of pasta cooked in what seemed like a sort of duck stew. The duck meat was plentiful and had a soft melt-in-your-mouth sort of quality but I thought the sauce lacked a bit of oomph. It was a tad too bland for me and ended up being a little too thick for my tastebuds. If you’re ordering this I recommend that you share this dish as it can get quite satiating after awhile.

All in all, Lavender is a good enough place to visit once in awhile and has an interesting enough menu for you to experiment with, without blowing your wallet as prices are quite reasonable. Didn’t have the chance to try the cakes though so there’s a reason to go back!

L.table by Lavender Bakery @ 1 Utama,
G213, Ground Floor, One Utama Shopping Center.

Map *here*



ms.bulat said...

Thnks for reviewing! Wanted to try long time but did not dare to take the risk. Haha the cakes are not bad:) worth to eat!

ronnycakes said...

Really? Thanks for the recommendation! Will try cakes next time round :)


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