Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Clarissane reviews: Ko Hyang Korean Cuisine @ Fahrenheit 88

I for one am not a huge fan of Korean food. I find it can get a bit overwhelming aka ‘jelak’ after a few bites :p

But I find this Korean joint to be not bad, perhaps they try to suit it to our local taste buds. The outlet in The Gardens is always packed during lunch and dinner…so when I saw that the outlet here was empty, I did not think twice about stepping in :)



Alike all Korean joints, appetizers are served once you’ve sat down. I really enjoyed the appetizers here! Kimchi, Ikan Bilis and Bean Sprouts.. absolutely yummy! I had it refilled too :D


For starters, we ordered their Kim Chi Jeon, RM9.50. Its basically Korean Kimchi Pancake. To me, it didn’t really stand out. The pancake tasted more like egg coated flour. And the sauce dipping was not all too delicious either.


I had one piece and decided to allow my stomach yummier food :p


Dak Bokem, RM16.90 is basically stir fried chicken with vegetables and rice. This dish was pretty good I kept stealing the sauce from it to go with my Bimbimbap :p This is on my list to order the next time I visit!


For my main, I had the Dol Sot Bim Bim Bab, RM16.90. It is in fact stone pot rice mixed with vegetables, chilli paste and a choice of either chicken or beef. I usually find the beef used in Korean joints to be too overwhelming with the really strong beef aroma still lingering in the dish even after its cooked. So i settled for the chicken instead :)


They way to eat this dish is to mix everything up and enjoy it all mashed :) This was pretty good and it made me feel really healthy too with all the vegetables in it. It would even more delicious though if they were to add more seasoning as I thought it lacked in taste A BIT :p But then again, more taste = more MSG. This place claims that they use NO MSG in their dishes. I didn’t feel very thirsty a few hours after the meal so I guess they can attest to that.

A pretty okay place for fast and reasonable Korean cuisine. If you’re looking for more authentic Korean delicacy, DAORAE probably is the one to go!

Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights,
Lot 2-27 (04), 2nd Floor,
Fahrenheit 88,
Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL.


Baby Sumo said...

I like Ko Hyang in The Gardens. It's good to see them expanding to KL city.

:: Clarissane :: said...

@Baby Sumo: Yeah! The Gardens one is always full. Hehe new outlets are great! :D


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