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ronnycakes reviews: Curry Laksa at Madras Lane, KL

On a sunny Sunday morning, me and my mum decided to head downtown into Petaling Street to look for food as well as well as have a walk in the market.
I’ve been to Petaling Street countless times but I never knew about Madras Lane (which is located next to Petaling Street’s wet market) let alone that food can be found there!

The stalls were pretty packed on the Sunday we went, had some trouble finding a table. Parking is abundant however, as there is a large parking lot right behind the stalls; but prepare to pay RM2.50 per half hour for a parking spot.


The stalls are located side by side with a variety of food like Kuey Teow Soup, Yong Tau Fu, Cendol, Ais Kacang, and Chee Cheong Fun, which sparked our inner gluttony… leading to us ordering almost one thing from each stall. :P


The bowl of Curry Laksa (RM4.50) is simple enough. Forgive the picture for looking less than appetizing, we ordered the vegetarian version (just eggplant and long beans); the normal version comes with the aforementioned as well as Pig’s Skin, Cockles and Taufu Pok.
As you can probably see, there is not a large amount of coconut milk in the curry broth, which makes it the sort of curry I would like. :D The broth is fragrant, not overly salty or anything, though I was feeling sated before finishing the noodles.

Limes for adding into the broth for that extra kick.

We also ordered some Yong Tau Fu from the stall next door to complement our Curry Laksa!

Self service on weekends since it gets quite packed.

We also ordered some Yong Tau Fu from the stall next to the curry laksa stall at RM1 per piece. I loved the fried fishballs, very smooth and springy!


The Chee Cheong Fun (RM 2 for medium-sized plate) was ordinary, but I suspect that they mixed some lard into the dish since it was slightly sticky and fragrant in a lard-y way.

One funny thing about Madras Lane is that there exists a wall between two stalls: the ice kacang stall and the curry mee stall. Let’s say after your lovely meal of curry laksa you’d like to order a bowl of cool and refreshing ice kacang, you’ll have to move and sit on another side of the lane or the ice kacang boss will refuse to serve you with anything. XD
I was told that they got into a tiff a while back and now refuse to serve their specialty in another’s territory. *eyeroll*


The perfect antidote on a hot day after a spicy meal; RM2.50 per bowl.

If you’re in the area, do drop by to sample the curry laksa and yong tau fu. :)

Madras Lane,
Off Jalan Petaling,
Kuala Lumpur
(Madras Lane Stalls - Inside the Petaling Street wet market)

Map *here*


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weweee.. my fav food stall at petaling street


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