Thursday, March 17, 2011

ronnycakes reviews: Starbucks’ Cake Pop

Starbucks has recently revamped its logo (if you haven’t noticed already) and all of the mugs or cups that I own from Starbucks may now be considered “special edition” since they no longer produce cups with that logo anymore. :P
Maybe 50 years from now it’ll be worth a fortune as a vintage teacup? :P

Anyway, Starbucks has recently come up with a new range of desserts: mainly the Cake Pop (cake on a stick) and mini cupcakes. Haven’t had a chance to try the mini cupcakes yet, but I was quite excited to try out the Cake Pop (as mentioned before I have a very large sweet tooth *toothy grin*) since I’m a great fan of Starbucks’ desserts. :D

The Birthday Cake Pop looks a bit creepy to me… all that pink icing can’t be good. Since I love all things chocolate-y, I opted for the Rock n Roll Cake Pop instead. These things don’t come cheap at RM6 per stick! :O

Accidentally cracked the chocolate coating when I removed it from the plastic wrapping. :(
The cake pop is simple enough, a ball of moist cake coated in milk chocolate and topped with ground hazelnuts and bits of marshmallows. The cake itself is rather large, slightly larger than the size of a ping-pong ball and pretty heavy as well.

A lot of people complained it was really sweet, but for me I thought it was just right and not too sweet. The cake was incredibly moist, too moist in my opinion as it started to become a little chewy and got stuck between one’s teeth. Also, there was not enough topping and I could barely taste the marshmallow.

Slightly disappointing, taking into account the fact that it was quite expensive but failed to deliver. However, have to give them credit for coming up with something so cute!

Their new Hot Cocoa Cappucino (RM11.50 tall-size) didn’t disappoint me, however! Very aromatic and if you’re caffeine intolerant like me, ask for decaf which apparently is less sweet than the normal version. :)

If I’m feeling in the mood I’ll definitely be back to try the mini cupcakes. :)
Did I mention that the Peanut Butter Crème Cake and Chocolate Tuxedo is really good? Also, the hot chocolate is amazing as well. Recommended by Clarissane. ;)

F352 ,First Floor
1 Utama

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:: Clarissane :: said...

The cocoa cappuccino is so amazing I cannot get enough of it :D


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