Friday, March 18, 2011

Clarissane reviews: Teriyaki Pork Burger @ Kissaten, Jaya One

It’s hard to find good pork burgers in Malaysia, due to the fact that its non-halal hence fast food chains like McDonalds and Burger King unfortunately, don’t offer anything pork in their menu unlike other countries like Singapore and Thailand. Pork burgers in these countries actually sell really well and is among their best-selling items.


A few friends and I were on the subject of where to savour good pork burgers around town and Kissaten in Jaya One, PJ came up as one of the good places to have this sinful burger. Another place is Numbawan in Old Klang Road which I’ve yet to discover and try which is apparently pretty good as well. Ninja Joe, a fast-food style joint which offers pork burgers in various flavours as well with outlets in Tropicana City Mall and their recently opened, Gardens Mall tastes only so-so in my opinion. I think it’s pretty pricey for the size you get and its nothing amazing.


At Kissaten, for only RM10.90 you can order their famed Teriyaki Pork Burger which tastes good AND is value for money!


The burger comes with a pork patty, a sunny side up egg in between topped with lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber for a balanced meal on a toasted sesame seed bun. The teriyaki sauce is the main ingredient that makes it oh-so-delicious and the pork patty perfectly compliments it! I’ve been told the proper way to eat it so that you get the maximum satisfaction is to get your hands dirty!!! Don’t cut it up with a fork and knife like I did because then all the ingredients would spill out. But STILL, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m sure it would be even better if I ate it using my hands :p


Check out the EGG! Just like I love it to be. Take a bite, and the yolk comes oozing out!!! :D


Ooh lalalala!


The patty with all the juice oozing out when you bite it.. OMG! Just the perfect amount of seasoning and flavour.


We also tried out their Teppan Mushroom Burger Steak, RM18.90. It came with grilled vegetables, potatoes and corn. It was not bad, but the Teriyaki Burger is still tops!


Quite a generous serving of pork in their dishes so its quite value for money at least. Usually, pork dishes are somehow more expensive compared to chicken or beef in most food joints.


And if you still cannot get enough of your pork, they also have side dishes for you to order as well to go with your meal. Like the one above: Tsukune Teriyaki with Eggyolk sauce, RM8.90. Its basically pork sausage .. like the ones you get in the German Bistro joints. The ones here however were only okay… the meat was a tad too soft and tasted a bit undercooked. It would be nicer if the meat was firmer and tougher. But i gotta give the eggyolk a 100% HAHA :D

They have set meals in their menu as well which comes with a lot of other side goodies like drinks and appetizers. It’s pretty worth it as well if you’re a big eater and want to try more stuff on the menu :) Their food is fusion style with some Japanese inspired items. Currently, their having a promotion, with a minimum spending of RM50 from 11am-3pm (not too sure if it valid for weekends as well) you’ll get a FREE Teriyaki Pork Burger on the house! Come with at least three people and you can try other stuff on the menu AND get their famed teriyaki pork burger for free! Now, is that a good deal or what?

Now I know where to come when I have that cravings for a good, satisfying Pork Burger! ;)

L12A-1-1, Palm Square,
Jaya One,
72A, Jalan Universiti,
46200 PJ.

Map *here*



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