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ronnycakes reviews: March Specials at Pasta Zanmai, HSC

I’m a great fan of the food from Super Dining’s line of restaurants (Pasta Zanmai/Sushi Zanmai/Rakuzen) because of how incredibly fresh all their ingredients are and basically, how good the food just tastes. :)


There aren’t that many places which make Japanese-style pasta and this makes Pasta Zanmai incredibly unique on the food map. The pastas here also differ widely from what you might get from Western restaurants as choice of ingredients and sauces are different. Expect sashimi pastas, soft shell crab pastas, and Japanese soup-style pasta!


Super Dining’s range of restaurants all have a special monthly menu, with new “limited edition” dishes that last for a month, for example they had Japanese style Yee Sang during the Chinese New Year month (and may I digress and mention that Japanese-style yee sang is MUCH much better than chinese style yeesang).
I’m always looking forward to trying their new dishes!

This is the Mini Teriyaki Chicken Pasta to Mini Hotate Pizza set (RM23) which comes with a smaller portion of pasta as well as a mini pizza. This is available on their permanent menu.
What makes this pasta so good is the teriyaki sauce which is just nice in terms of sweetness, and incredibly aromatic. It goes really well with the noodles! The chicken itself is also grilled to perfection, tender and smooth.


The Mini Hotate Pizza. Crispy pizza base with scallops, mushrooms and mayonnaise; lightly grilled with an open fire.

One of the March specials: Kaki no Teppan Yaki to Yasai Itame (RM23), Hot plate oysters with stir fried vegetables.
Comes on a sizzling plate with a semi-cooked egg, abundant amount of fresh oysters, teppanyaki vegetables and sauce for dipping.

The freshness of the oyster is the highlight of the dish. Every piece was juicy and fat and full of flavour. :D
You don’t have to order a bowl of rice to go along with this because it’s not overly savoury which makes it perfect for eating on its own. Portion is pretty large as well, I was surprised how full I was after polishing the entire plate!

Next up, the dessert of the month: Orange Crepes Flambe (RM12). Crepes boiled in plum sauce infused with a small shot of Umeshu (Japanese plum wine). Prepared right infront of our table, including a climax of setting the pan on fire. :P

Umeshu: Incredibly bitter.

The final product, with orange infused vanilla ice-cream as topping.
It tasted pretty good but there was way too much sauce, the crepes and oranges were practically swimming in sauce. However, the orange infused ice-cream was really refreshing and definitely something I haven’t tried before.


If you haven’t already tried Pasta Zanmai, you should definitely stop by for a taste of their noodles, especially the Wafu soup style.
For those who have been, consider going again as they have new dishes every month to keep things fresh.
Great ambience, creative and delicious food, great service (at least at the HSC branch) are one of the reasons why I visit this place at least once a month. ;)

2nd Floor, Hartamas Shopping Centre
Plaza Damas, 60 Jln Sri Hartamas 1
50480 KL

Map *here*



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