Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wils reviews: The Steamboat, Ketam Village @ Ikano Power Centre

Ever had those days, where you are feeling under the weather under treacherous conditions, only a wholeful soupy meal can satisfy those buds? In comes the idea of hot pot, better known as steamboat with ingredients that can leave you with a long lasting aftertaste of wanting more. Look no further than at The Steamboat, Ketam Village located in Ikano Power Centre.


I must say, I received mix reviews from different people about the place. However, thanks to the power of conviction from Clarissane, I just had to be there to know how good she claims it to be.



At first glance, you will notice that its not your typical style of steamboat. Each individual are allocated to his/her personal hot pot, very much like shabu-shabu (Japanese steamboat). The place is very well lit & decorated, clean and tidy for your eating pleasures. Most Chinese steamboat restaurants out there cannot assure you that important custom. Being a huge fan of red meat, I opted to give the Sliced Beef Noodle Set a try. At RM9.80, it is a bargain considering the freshness of the beef and amount your slices you’re getting. Accompanied with that is a serving of fundamental steamboat ingredients such as fish and beef balls, quil egg, fried foochuk, Japanese tofu, prawns, noodles and cabbage.


After ordering the set of your desire, you are given the option of Clear Soup or Tomyam Soup. Clarissane was telling me how incredibly spicy the Tomyam Soup was so as a first timer, I chose the Clear Soup just so I can have a distinct taste of the food I ordered.


Lunch was served not long after, nicely arranged as seen on the menu (most times, what we see is not what we get. I’m sure many of you out there can relate to that).


On a stomach crying for food, you can’t help but salivate with a sight like this.


The conventional way of eating steamboat would be to dump all the ingredients in to boil so that the soup will develop into a much richer flavour. However, this being a set with beef slices, it is highly recommended that you dunk the beef slice one by one only at the time that you are eating them. Only a short dip in the soup is needed because it cooks very quickly and you will want to avoid it being overcooked and too tough to eat. A very peculiar way of eating every red meat lovers should take note.

DSC_0044 On a bowl, screaming to be consumed.


A satisfying meal will not be complete without a refreshing drink. The Chinese Herbal Drink; RM2.00 hits the spot where it matters most. Since its not too sweet, it bodes well to both the young and old.

All thanks to Clarisanne, I was left with only good things to say about my experience there. It is definitely a meal that I do not regret one bit but look forward to coming back to have a go at the other sets they serve. A place suitable for individuals, small and large groups on any occasion, it is no wonder that not a day goes by that it isn’t packed. I kid you not, you WILL come back for more.

Ikano Power Centre
Lower Ground Floor (opposite Q Jelly)
Mutiara Damansara
Petaling Jaya

Map *here*



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