Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Clarissane reviews: Famous Seremban Favourites @ Aman Suria

Being an avid fan of Hakka noodles, whenever I spot them in most hawker joints around town.. I’ll always be tempted to order a bowl to satisfy my never-ending cravings for this noodle dish. I found a pretty decent one at Toast&Roast and that’s about it. Majority of the hawker joints one are just edible and nothing amazing.

Seremban Delights have been around for some time, the last time I had it was about a year or so ago. All I remembered about it was their awesome thick, juicy, succulent cuts of Char Siew which melts in your mouth, like seriously! Albeit sinful :P

Dropped by a few weeks ago, and boy have they changed. Now newly renovated with air-conditioning, the dining experience is slightly better. I was worried that prices might be steeply increased, but thank god, it was generally still acceptable at RM5-RM6 for a bowl.


My verdict on the Hakka noodles here: simply delicious! Springy noodle texture with generous amount of minced pork. In my opinion, the one here fares better than the one at Toast&Roast as it is less oily.


This place is actually renowned for their melt-in-the-mouth Char Siew. And indeed, it seriously fits the bill! Due to the half-fat, half-meat ratio, the fattiness of the pork gives you the melt-in-the-mouth feeling. It is by far one of the best charsiews in town.. beats Toast&Roast’s one hands down. If you’re not a fan of fatty meat, I think they do serve lean cuts version as well.


Just take a look at that! How can one resist?!

You may opt for either the hakka noodles or rice to go with it. Perfect combination!

Soup or friend dumplings are also served here as additional side orders.

Famous Seremban Favourites
80-1, Ground Floor, Jalan PJU 1/3B
Sunway Mas Commercial Centre
47301 Petaling Jaya
Opens 7.30am till 4.30pm daily- char siew available only after 10am)

Closed on Tuesdays


Baby Sumo said...

Oh yummy.. the char siew does look good. Btw if you get the chance, you should try the real thing (Hakka mee) in Seremban... they make the noodles themselves.

:: Clarissane :: said...

Yeah the charsiew is seriously good! Ooh, i know seremban also sells good beef noodles in the market! hehehe will be on the lookout for this hakka noodles if I go! ;)

Ken Hui said...

apa ni?!! no credit to me??? siapa intro ni tuk lu ah moi! don't so shy shy say a fan of hakka food laa, say la ur a fan of hakka boy! ahahahaha

Anonymous said...

ken, you're hakka meh? didnt know that! & yes, cla its a well written writeup, way to go!


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