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ronnycakes reviews: Hawker fare at Seng Lee Coffeeshop, Bukit Damansara

I’ve heard great things about the Char Kuey Teow at Seng Lee Coffeeshop, Bukit Damansara and it had been a while since my last visit, so one day after class me and the unimates decided to head down and have some good ol’ fashioned local hawker fare. :)

This block of shops has been in the Bukit Damansara area for a very long time. Back before I was born, my mum and her sister would drop by in the shoplots for some pork ball noodles or curry noodles on their off days.

sengleecoffeeshop (20)
The Char Kuey Teow here costs RM5 a pop, and comes with the usuals, lots of beansprouts and cockles. Sad to say, the standard has dropped even more since my last visit. Apparently I hear that the man who used to fry the noodles has passed the mantle on to his daughter, and that caused the drop in standard.
The char kuey teow lacked wok hei and was bland in taste. I also found it too dry for my liking. However, the stall was quite busy since I timed my visit near the lunch crowd and the rush in orders may have contributed to the drop in standard.

sengleecoffeeshop (18)
The Pork Noodles stall was quite good infact, the soup was tasty and the ingredients were plentiful. With the addition of a raw egg and a dash of lard, I’m sure this would appeal to a lot of foodies. :D
On the downside, I felt lightly thirsty after the meal, which can be attributed to MSG added in the soup.

The Curry Noodles was of the KL-style (as Clarissane so kindly educated me on the differences of Penang and KL style curry :P) and the gravy was thick and fragrant.


A popular place for office workers and students alike, do come by and try out the pork noodles and curry laksa, and maybe the char kuey teow during non-peak hours.

Seng Lee Coffeeshop
Shophouses near Jalan Batai
The row behind Hock Lee's and Klimts

Map *here*


:: Clarissane :: said...

Oooh you forgot to mention the rojak selling outside the stall is one of the best around town as well, albeit a lil pricey. The best char kuey teow to me is still the Mee Yoke Lim hawker place in Chow Yang!

Ken Hui said...

Best Fried Kuey Teow is at Lucky Garden, Bangsar cooked by a Myanmar guy. LOL. The one at Chow Yang is too salty especially when you asked for extra spicy.

ronnycakes said...

Clarissane: hehe I didn't have it on that visit! :P

Ken: Lol okay will check it out :P

jit Luen Chia said...

Hey,just passing by and also studying in help! your food blog rocks! Btw,just if you wanted more info,the char kuey teow man will only come on saturday,he's actually frying at the other outlet in putrajaya,so he only drop by to fry on saturday at seng lee. The pork noodle is great for soup base,for dry one,you might prefer the one at the other end. as for the wantan stall,their wantan mee taste horrible. Only the one at the end taste good but curry mee is just okay. Haha,all this for staying in this area in my pass 25 years.

ronnycakes said...

Chia Jit luen: Hi! You're Jiayang's friend right? Hehe thanks for dropping by. Oh really, I didn't know! Cool if I want to try his char kuey teow then I should drop by on saturdays. :)
And you're right about the soup base.. the one at the other end is more "ching". :)
Thanks for the tips!


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