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ronnycakes reviews: Room Eighteen @ Hartamas Shopping Centre

Room Eighteen is a casual dining branch of Tai Thong Group of Restaurants, which serves Hong-Kong style fare, including things like dimsum or wantan mee.
Tai Thong does dim sum pretty well, especially the branch opposite Tropicana City Mall – Summer Palace, and the ones at Room Eighteen are great as well! One thing I love about the dimsum being served at Room Eighteen is that all baskets are freshly steamed or fried as per order, so that everything is piping hot and very fresh when served.

I absolutely love the Siew Mai (RM7.80 per basket) at Room Eighteen. Its large and juicy with an abundance of prawns and pork. The addition of prawn roe on the top looks and tastes good. :)

Mum’s favourite Chicken Feet (RM4.80) in beanpaste sauce.

Room Eighteen is actually having a promotion right now; for every RM50 and above in a dine-in receipt, you get a brochure of mini coupons for your next trip! Like the one below, prices are not to say incredibly cheap but you do save a lot compared to ordering without the coupon.
There are of course terms and conditions attached; you can only use one coupon per person, per receipt. So if you’re looking to have some dessert or tea after the meal, pay the bill first, go for a walk, and then come back for more. :P

roomeighteen (4)

The No. 1 Baked Bun and Milk Tea set (RM4.80) is normally priced at RM8.30.
The bun was soft and fluffy with some Char Siew Pau filling.

The Stir Fried Hor Fun with Sliced Beef came with a glass of Lemon Tea with Aloe Vera and was priced at RM9.80. Normal price is RM18.30 for the combination. Everyone loved this and it was the highlight of the trip! Amazingly, the wok hei was really good and the whole plate of noodles was incredibly fragrant with just the right amount of wetness. Even a non-beef lover like me couldn’t help taking more than one bite. :D

The Century Egg Congee came with Steamed Flour Roll with Soy Sauce and was priced at RM8.80. Total damage to your wallet on normal days would be RM16! I’ve loved Tai Thong porridge since when I was a kid eating at Chopstix restaurant, and I have nothing but praise for this.

roomeighteen (17)
The Steamed Flour Roll with Soy Sauce that came with the porridge. This was basically vegetarian Chee Cheong Fun and tasted downright horrible. The filling was of some Lo Hon Zai variety and had a weird plastic-ky aftertaste.

roomeighteen (37)
The Fresh Prawn Wanton Noodle came with a glass of Barley with Lemon and was priced at RM8.80 with a normal price of RM15.30. The wanton was full of the good stuff, meaty pork and big prawn, with tasty seasoning. The soup on the other hand was slightly bland for me, I suppose to offset the savoury-ness of the wantons.

roomeighteen (41)
For dessert, we had the Black Sesame Cream at RM2 usually at RM5.80. Utter disappointment. Stay away from this at all costs because we suspect this is made from instant dessert powder. It was bland and watery, none of the thickness that you would associate with a good bowl of sesame cream.

All in all, there were a few hits and misses but generally the dim-sum is good as well as the porridge. As for the soup wanton noodles, I suggest trying the dry one instead that comes with deep fried wantons which is absolutely heavenly!
The stir-fried beef noodle comes highly recommended by me as well! :D

Room Eighteen
Lot G18 & 19 Ground Floor,
Hartamas Shopping Centre @ Plaza Damas
Jalan Sri Hartamas 1

Map *here*


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