Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wils reviews: The Handburger @ Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore

Recently I was down in Singapore with a friend with the main agenda of a food expedition. Vying for the best around in the city at our disposal. Both of us being huge fan of burgers, he suggested we tried this place at Raffles City for a inexpensive yet wholeful meal. The place, The Handburger.



What stands out from this burger joint from the rest is because like the name of the explains, its freshly handmade by the chefs upon your each order.


What I like most about the menu is that it is portrayed in a paper clipboard manner in which flipping through the pages are a breeze. The famous burgers will be presented in a picture and each burger are interpreted in detail to what ingredients are involved and in order. Very professionally done.



Separately, the drinks and dessert menu were given after we made our main course orders. The waiter and waitresses there were very friendly and helpful in guiding you from bringing you to your seats to ordering the right burger of your desire. Since this burger joint it located in a food court like arena, I was indeed surprised by the warm hospitality of service.


Upon first viewing, I noticed that there were quite a number of expatriates, most notably Caucasians that were there enjoying each of their respective succulent burgers. If the menu isn’t mouth dripping enough, watching them consume them slowly will definitely keep u wanting.


After our orders were made, we were provided with a wood made platform, engraved with the burger joint’s name and compartments for each of our cutleries. The emphasis of presentation is so vital to satisfying one’s overall eating experience as I witnessed here.


I was a little overwhelmed by the amount of choices of burger which lead me to naturally giving the special a go. As you can see, the Tea-Smoked Duck priced at $13.80 (approximately RM33) was the burger of that was about to make by day. My personal advice is to not convert them back to your home currency because in fairness, eating in Singapore in particular should be calculated in a dollar to dollar manner (especially food).


Lunch was served. I was quite surprised with how literally similar the burger looked in terms of size and presentation as shown in the menu. More often than not, I have been deceived by the beauty of dishes portrayed on a menu and when it has actually been served.


When food look this enticing, there is no distraction in the world that can keep your hands off it at the heat of the moment. Specially topped with a couple of slices of orange, I was eager to find to find out on what to expect. The burger was just delightful in every possible angle. Meat and vegetables were fresh and well cooked to taste and the core of it, being the bread itself, it was crusty and I could easily tell it was freshly baked. Refreshing and enticing, what more can you ask for.


One of my friends tried the Chicken Caesar Burger. As you can see, there’s a major overflow in protein. At $8.80 (approximately RM21), it has to be one heck of a bargain. She was as expected stuffed but well fulfilled in joy.


Another friend of mine had The Works Burger which to me, looked a mouthful. The ingredients involved; beef patty, onion rings, bacon, sunny side up egg, pesto mushroom, cheddar cheese, lettuce and the different sauces to blossom the flavour. Also, at $11.80 (approximately RM28), it can’t get any better than this in terms of value.


For those who has been there and intend of returning in the near future, I highly recommend you get your hands on the Handburger card because of the astoundingly good discounts you gain from each bill. Every $5 spent will be entitled to 50 points and every 100 points will be $1 off your bill whenever you wish to use it. Best of all, the card is free and can be requested at the counter.

My friends and I were so pleased with our luncheon there that we made a vouch to try every burger they’ve got to offer whenever we’re down in Singapore again. That reflects the pinnacle of illustrations to not only burger lovers, but for all massive gluttons out there.

Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road, B1-65/66

Map *here*

PS: There is another outlet at 313, Orchard Road.


Baby Sumo said...

Their logo is cute!

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kumfye said...

yea...agree with sumo..i like their logo...the burger seems like not bad...

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ronnycakes said...

@everyone: we think so too! :)

Ken Hui said...

Compare dollar to dollar? LOL, I can find good mixed rice with 2 meats and 1 vege for S$2.90!!! HAHAHAHA.

And chicken rice for just S$2.50.

But anyway, if you are working here, the prices of food at Singapore are considered to be very reasonable, as the median of fresh university grad here earns S$2000-S$2300 per month.

So a meal for $10-$15 is quite cheap.


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