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Clarissane and ronnycakes reviews: Jin Xuan Dim Sum, Damansara Jaya

ronnycakes: When you’re in need for some comfort food and with a big group of friends, nothing beats good ol’ fashioned dimsum. Especially when you’re in a big group you can be extra gluttonous and just order everything that looks interesting. :D
Now that’s what we call a fun and satisfying meal.

While it can’t be said that there aren’t any budget dimsum that is value for money and tastes good, we can vouch for Jin Xuan’s dimsum which is value for money and tastes good. Jin Xuan is also fully air-conditioned and that’s definitely a plus point in the hot weather nowadays!
This is testament to the fact that the place is packed to the brim on weekends (family outings). For a table, you’ll have to take a number and wait outside under the makeshift tent for the waitress at the counter to call out your name.

We chose to go on a weekday where it was not as packed, but parking was still pretty scarce.


Clarissane: With a wide variety of food, we were definitely spoilt for choice! (so always go with a big group so you can be greedy but no one will call you one :D)

ronnycakes: The staple of all dimsum: Siew Mai.This was springy with an abundance of pork and prawns. Definitely flavourful. Thumbs up!


Clarissane: The prawns in the Siew Mai were huge and juicy, oh so yummy!

ronnycakes: I found the Har Gau lacking in taste… the skin was too dry and a bit thick for my liking.

ronnycakes: Teocheow-style Siew Mai, tasted much the same as the normal type of siew mai, juicy and springy.

ronnycakes: The same skin used for the Har Gau was used for this Scallop Dumpling, so that put me off a little. On the other hand though, the scallop was fresh albeit being a little on the small side. :P

jinxuandimsum (4)
ronnycakes: The Spare Rib Porridge came highly recommended by the bf, and with good reason. The porridge was smooth and the taste was sweet with what I’m guessing is pork broth for the base. Came with nice chunks of meat as well. :D

jinxuandimsum (6)



ronnycakes: Char Siew Pau was nice and fluffy with sweet char siew filling.

Clarissane: I am a big fan of Char Siew Paus..and I really like the ones here. Its a good thing that they’re quite generous with the amount of filling in the pau. Break open it and everything spills out.. AH! YUMMY!

jinxuandimsum (9)
ronnycakes: Lo Mai Kai (Chicken with Glutinous Rice) was alright. When you’ve tasted the famous Lo Mai Kai from Jln Ipoh, no other Lo Mai Kai can satisfy you. :P
This one was too dry for me and lacking in taste.

jinxuandimsum (12)
ronnycakes: My favourite at every dimsum place! Prawn Fritters, juicy and springy prawns FTW!

jinxuandimsum (26)
ronnycakes: Sharks’ Fin Dumpling. Disappointingly, I couldn’t really taste the sharks’ fin at all, though it made a pretty nice pork dumpling on its own.

jinxuandimsum (18)
ronnycakes: I think this was Beancurd Skin with Fish.


Clarissane: I never fail to order their Fried Brinjals. One of my staple dish when I come here :)

Clarissane: The Wu Kok (Yam Radish with Pork Filling) was not up to standard though. It came cold so the layer of skin was not as crispy and I found that the filling was too little :p

Clarissane: The Prawn Chee Cheong Fun was pretty tasty, accompanied with the spicy chilli that comes with it.
ronnycakes: I loved the chee cheong fun!

Clarissane: This was something new that we tried, I can’t recall what was it since I didn’t get to taste it but I’m sure it was good since it was gone by the time I wanted to eat it :p

IMG_2222Clarissane: Their Steamed Fish Balls were nice and springy in texture.

And of course, after all the savoury stuff.. we ended the meal with some things sweet ;)

Clarissane: My other staple dish I always have here is their Egg Tarts. Good egg tarts lie in its crust. The ones here lives up to par with the perfect crust that crumbles and melts in your mouth when eaten. Accompanied with the just right sweet egg filling.. utter heavenly! The ones here can fight the famous Tong Kee egg tarts.

Clarissane: Looking at it just makes my mouth water.jinxuandimsum (31)

ronnycakes: Custard Bun, which I thought was alright but everyone else didn’t like because the filling was too sandy.

jinxuandimsum (32) 

ronnycakes: Sweet lotus paste inside deep-fried sesame balls. :)

jinxuandimsum (50) 

An incredibly satisfying meal which ended up with us clutching our stomachs due to an abundance of good food.

jinxuandimsum (54)

All in all, the bill for 8 of us came up to RM136 (RM17 per pax) including tea, government tax and service charge. Not very cheap but not overly expensive either considering the amount of food we had. A good place for a quick, delicious dimsum fix when you’re craving for one!

Located along the stretch of road starting from the DJ school, it is pretty hard to miss with the massive sign. If you haven’t already tried this place or haven’t come by for a while, do consider visiting it!

59, 61 & 63 Jalan SS22 / 19
Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya Selangor

Map *here*


Ken Hui said...

very expensive considering I'm not full at all and there's 4 ladies there. -.-

ronnycakes said...

Hahahahha what do you mean about the ladies? That we didn't eat very much? :P


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