Sunday, April 3, 2011

ronnycakes reviews: Super Kitchen Chilly Pan Mee, SS2

The quest for the best spicy pan mee continues!
Hehe, had a repeat visit to Super Kitchen at SS2 (the one that I mentioned previously behind Chow Yang Restaurant) for a bowl of hearty spicy goodness. ♥

superkitchen (3)
The bowl of Chilly Pan Mee (RM5.50) is simple enough, the usual minced pork, chili flakes, fried shallots and anchovies, with the addition of a half-cooked egg, Clarissane’s favourite. :P

superkitchen (4)
The raw egg yolk oozing out is what give the bowl of pan mee that extra fragrance and aroma.

superkitchen (6)
Ooooh yummy. Every strand of noodle coated with raw egg, chili flakes and minced pork.

superkitchen (1)
The pan mee customarily comes with a bowl of vegetable and egg soup.

I mentioned before in my previous post that Super Kitchen’s chili pan mee is slightly blander than the one at Face to Face, but compensates with the extremely spicy chili flakes!

superkitchen (2)
I accidentally overdosed, added way too many spoonfuls, and ended up huffing and puffing throughout the meal blowing my nose on tissues. XD

Not only do they have the traditional soup pan mee and spicy pan mee, they also serve Curry Pan Mee (RM6.00) for those who want something spicy and soupy at the same time.

superkitchen (5)
Full of ingredients!

The interior of the shop is well-lit, clean and air-conditioned and so with reasonable prices, a comfortable setting, and great food, I don’t see why not it shouldn’t make your list of food places to visit this weekend. ;)
Parking is as easy as you can get in Petaling Jaya (not so easy), so expect to double park or park in the opposite housing area and walk across.

superkitchen (7)

Head over here if you’re wanting for some excitement for your tummy. ;)

42, Jalan SS2/10, Taman Bahagia,
47000, Petaling Jaya,

Map *here*


Baby Sumo said...

Just curious if there is MSG used in their soup here. Recently, I encountered too many pan mee shops using MSG. :(

Wils said...

@Baby Sumo: pretty sure it does =\ unfortunately a lot of hawker stalls these days like doing things the easier and fastest way. nevertheless the chilly pan mee is not to be missed =)

AugustDiners said...

we used to enjoy chilli pan mee heaps, but after all those hype it kinda lost its appeal, still wouldnt hurt to have them once in awhile :)

:: Clarissane :: said...

i want omg! the EGG :D

ronnycakes said...

Baby Sumo: Sorry to say I didn't really have much of the soup (I'm not really a fan of the bitter taste of the vege) but I'm pretty sure that there should be at least a little bit of MSG inside.. but the pan mee is great though! :)

august diners: yeah, in moderation! :) still good for some days when you're in the mood for spicy.

clarissane: HAHA I knew it!


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