Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Clarissane reviews: Suki-Ya & En Ginza Café, Tokyo Street Pavilion KL

A way overdue post, I’ve finally stop my procrastination. I am back!

Blogospheres spotted all around have many reviews about the still-quite new Tokyo Street in Pavilion KL which opened mid this year. I’ve read all the rave about Santouka Ramen (which Ronnycakes & Wils have reviewed) and the new Café Takahashi that I’ve both yet to try! Haven’t been there for a while now.. my food trips have been very rare these days sigh!

Anyways, if you are a fan of Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki (like me!!) and cannot get enough of it, this is the place for you. Priced reasonably at RM 29.90++ for lunch (different prices for dinner) it’s an eat-all-you-can… literally eat till you drop.

Limitless amount of meat is made to order with beef, lamb and chicken for you to choose. I of course stuck to my usual beef. The lamb slices for that day were not available for some reason with the chicken slices being the usual.


Choose from three choices of soup: Sukiyaki, Shabu Shabu or Kimchi. I went for the Shabu Shabu and Kimchi. Needless to say, the shabu shabu was delicious but the kimchi was mediocre.. could do much better with more seasoning and taste.



Wide variety of vegetables, mushrooms and beancurd with some fishballs thrown in as well.. makes for a balanced meal.



Side orders are available as well like the above Shrimp Tempura (another crowd favourite!).


Different people have different ways of eating shabu shabu. Some just dump everything in (like the Japanese, and apparently this is the way to eat it) but I prefer dipping the meat into the hot soup, simmer for a few seconds till its half-cooked and voila, ready to eat with just the right texture and juiciness.. ahh heavenly!



Finish the meal by adding an egg, vegetables and noodles into the soup that has been used to cook the meat.. and you get a very VERY tasty meal with all the flavour leftover from the meat. Typical case of saving the best for the last! ;)

Now I know where to get my fix of limitless beef slices! Oh, and they do have desserts as well.. chocolate or green tea ice-cream.. a perfect way to end your meal!


En Ginza Café, another Japanese inspired outlet is great for chilling out sessions with the girlfriends over a cup of coffee. My cappuccino was nice, frothy and thick with the perfect taste of being sweet and bitter at the same time.. just how I like my coffee to be.


The Ice-Blended Green Tea was something out of the ordinary.. I found it a little too milky for my liking though, but if you’re a big fan of green tea and love milk.. I’m pretty sure you would enjoy this.





And of course, a café would be incomplete without the usual buns and pastries. I’m not sure if this is how Japanese breads are supposed to taste like but I found the bread texture dry and hard. A personal preference, I prefer my breads soft and fluffy :D

I would probably come back for their coffee and ambience but I’ll definitely give their buns a miss. They do serve hot main meals as well.

P/S: Forgive me for the not-so-clear photos.. haven’t downloaded a good photo-editing software since my old laptop got stolen. I promise better photos in my upcoming posts! :)

Suki-Ya and En Ginza Café,
Level 6, Tokyo Street,
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.


Baby Sumo said...

I love the lamb best at Suki-ya, you have to try it next time :)

:: Clarissane :: said...

Ah, a pity I don't really take lamb because of its strong smell. Hmm I shall probably give it a go ... maybe ONE slice hehe

c2minnie said...

looks like current Nagomi Shabu Shabu @ RM32.80++ is a better deal than this

Anonymous said...

yeah the breads are like that because i guess japanese bakeries tend not rely alot on bread softeners and rising agents to make it look huge and hence the texture.

:: Clarissane :: said...

C2minnie: Ooh, I have heard about the deal should check it out soon :)

Anonymous: I guess it all boils down to preference. My companion that day loved the breads there.


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