Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Clarissane reviews: Peter’s Pork Noodles @ Brickfields, KL

I just realised a lot of my food posts involve pork. Hahahaha and so yes, yet again as you can see, I need want to share the oh-so-delicious pork noodles I discovered right in the heart of KL.


Uncle Peter’s Pork Noodles, RM5 are by far, in my opinion one of the best around town. I know of another famous one in OUG but this one here beats that hands down. This dish is perfect on a cold, rainy day. With the right amount of taste and flavour (not overly saturated with MSG like most places) I always have this whenever I am in the vicinity and want something cheap and fast.


As you can see, Uncle Peter is very generous with his ingredients. Minced pork, sliced pork and Chee Yau Char (fried pork skin) all thrown in! I usually only have vermicelli because it’s not overly filling like yellow noodles or Kuey Teow. There’s also Mee Sua if you like, I tried it once but didn’t like the taste of it because it soaked up all the soup :p

Oh, and did you notice the egg on the far left corner? :D Those who know me well, would probably notice that I like my egg yolks yellow and RUNNY! THE RUNNIER THE BETTER! (which explains why I love half-boiled eggs so much :P). For an additional RM0.50, Uncle Peter throws in an egg and trust me, that extra RM0.50 is very well worth your cash.. the dish tastes different altogether ;)


Since this food joint is a hawker place, of course they serve a variety of the other usual hawker fares. Moorthy's banana leaf here is pretty good as well. If you’re a fan of banana leaf, I’m sure you’ve probably heard of the famous Nirwana’s Banana Leaf place in Telawi, Bangsar. The one here is slightly different though, with their side dishes being stir-fried and less oily in comparison. It’s cheaper as well.. the one above costs us only RM9 with two pieces of fish. I always have the fish here because it’s really fresh! They serve crabs to go with the banana leaf as well but only during weekends. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, give it a try..its pretty good as well :)

The Western food stall, Lam Mee and Fried Kuey Teow here is also worth mentioning. I’ve tried all these in my previous visits here and they are good by hawker standards :)

This hawker is quite secluded and parking can be a problem though, especially during weekdays. There’s an open air carpark which you can park or just do like what Malaysians do best, park anywhere and risk seeing a ticket :p

Peter’s Pork Noodles,
Money’s Corner, 144A, Jalan Vivekananda,
Off Jalan Brickfields,
50470 KL.
(right next to Legend’s Briyani House)


Nava.K said...

banana leaf food - wow, really looks so inviting.

:: Clarissane :: said...

Nava: yeah, it definitely is! Give it a go ;)


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