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ronnycakes reviews: The Red Beanbag, Publika, Solaris Dutamas

Publika is the current it-place, and houses many stylish cafes in it’s various nooks and crannies. The Red Beanbag is one of these stylish cafes hidden upstairs on the farthest lot on the same row as Nathalie’s Gourmet (who I hear has great macarons but I’ve yet to try), and we would never have discovered this Australian-inspired eatery if we hadn’t noticed it in one of Wil’s friend’s Instagram feed (Instagram is great for us to discover new food :D).

The interior is bright and spacious (another one of those loft styles) with wooden tables and chairs and plenty of decorative art. Note the canvas sacks on the wall with words like play, create, truth, dream, love.
Quite a few good looking workers there as well… waiters and chefs. ;)


I was charmed by the menus, printed on recycled paper and pasted on cardboard.


P1160211  P1160264
A “Smooshie” blend of Green Apple, Lemongrass and Rambutan. Uniquely refreshing.

Good things have been said about The Red Beanbag’s Signature Breakfast (RM19.90) which is the only full works breakfast priced at that rate we’ve seen recently. Poached, fried or scrambled eggs on toast, sautéed mushrooms (thumbs up for using something other than button mushrooms), grilled tomatoes, beef/chicken sausage, beef bacon, baked beans and hash browns. Refreshingly simple!


I had the Don Scallopino (RM24.90), a super unique combination of seaweed risotto, with seared scallops and seafood. Ingredients were abundant, with two scallops, two prawns and a handful of clams. Taste-wise my only gripe would be that it was a tad bland but it wasn’t overly creamy like some risottos are, so it was easier on the palate. What’s good is that the price isn’t overboard as well; at some other place I’m sure it would cost north of RM32.


The Red Beanbag certainly did not disappoint, with good food and good prices, and friendly staff too!

They even posed for our photo haha.


A great place for hanging out with your friends, great ambience and I hear quite good coffee too (even though I’m not a coffee person myself). Definitely worth going again for the breakfast menu or to try the other things on the menu (pasta next!).

A4-1-08, Solaris Dutamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur,

Map *here*



Boon said...

Great photos! This is one of my favourite places :)

Anonymous said...

Smooshie juices rock!

ronnycakes said...

Boon: thanks! :) it's becoming one of ours too.

Anonymous: our first time hehe.

ronnycakes said...

Boon: thanks! :) it's becoming one of ours too.

Anonymous: our first time hehe.


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