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ronnycakes reviews: Wondermama, Bangsar Village I, Bangsar

Wondermama – the new kid on the block, taking over from Outback Steakhouse at the old wing of Bangsar Village. Before we had a chance to try it ourselves, we had already amassed some information about the place from other bloggers. Most reviewers said that food was good, but a handful said it was a bit of a gamble. So how did we rate it?

P1180786 Specials Menu 

Wondermama’s décor is completely old school and retro. You’ll see things like paper calendars, tiffin carriers, clay pots and ceramic bowls, and that is indeed what makes it so endearing. It reminds me of all things old-fashioned from my childhood and from my mum’s hometown which you can hardly see in modern places nowadays. Notice the Chinese rosette cookie mould (google it and I’m sure you’ll recognise it!) used as a stand for the specials menu.

I think these are iron woks turned upside down and painted pink!

Old fashioned medicine pots!! According to the Chinese, medicines are extra effective if boiled in earthenware pots like these, because they absorb the nutrients from the earth.

Ceramic Bowls Royal Press



After ordering our food, we were served with complimentary Nyonya Kuih (Freebies!! Chinaman at heart). It was a lovely appetizer, but the only thing that didn’t make it stand out was the fact that both kuihs were a tad too dry.

P1180653 P1180661
For starters we had the Dancing Squid (RM15.90) which was panfried squid with butter, celery, and cod roe. What would have been a boring dish was saved by Wondermama’s sambal. Fiery and savoury, it was so good we even dipped our kuih in it!


P1180649 P1180650
One of their recommended dishes: Spicy Seafood Maggi Goreng (RM14.90) which was served up with pan-fried salmon, prawn, sotong and an egg. Despite the hefty price for maggi goreng, this plate of noodles was amazingly good! It was described on the menu as being fried with home-made spicy sauce, and we could taste the slightly numbing spiciness. Wok hei was strong in this one, and Wils eagerly tried to fight me for the last bite.


P1180671 P1180667
The next thing we had was another fusion blend, Otak-Otak Naan Pizza( RM14) which is the first of its kind we’ve come across. The naan is crispy with a filling of spicy otak otak, and a drizzle of mayo. A smorgasbord of taste.

P1180744 P1180745
The extremely friendly boss (whose name is I just found out is Edwin Yao who was the founder of places like Umaiya, Hajime, and Wabisabi) treated us to a house specialty, Pisang Goreng with Ice-Cream. If you’re reading this, thanks for the amazing hospitality! :D
Whipped cream, a smattering of marshmallows and  a dollop of vanilla ice-cream topped two pieces of Pisang Goreng. Lovely end to a lovely meal.

After we were done and about to leave, the owner lead us on a tour of the upstairs part of Wondermama, named The Wonder Kafe which is set to open its doors this month.


P1180777 P1180769

P1180747 P1180763
The wifi sign is a paper cut! Max old school! <3


P1180698 P1180789


Wondermama is definitely a place not to be missed, due to its offering of unique fusion food and top-notch service. Things are always exciting here because new items are always being added to the menu monthly! Upcoming are the Wonder Kafe upstairs and the addition of burgers on the menu. We’re definitely making a date for our next visit.

Wondermama (the old Outback Steakhouse),
Jalan Telawi 1
Bangsar Village I,
Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur

Map *here*



ulric said...

The Otak-Otak Naan Pizza looks good! =)

choi yen said...

Another place with quirky decors, nice.... ;)

Wils said...

@ulric : taste better than it looks. give it a try ;)

@choi yen : top notch :)

:: Clarissane :: said...

The Maggi Goreng's here THE BOMB (albeit pricey and small portion). The cafe will be my new hangout place hehehehehhe


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