Tuesday, November 22, 2011

ronnycakes reviews: The Daily Grind Gourmet Burgers, Bangsar Village I

“Gourmet: food that is of the highest quality and flavour, prepared well and presented in an artful manner”; and that exactly is what The Daily Grind (TDG) serves up to diners in its cosy interior.

I’ve never been a huge fan of burgers to begin with and my knowledge of burgers is limited to fast food (think McD’s Spicy Chicken McDeluxe). So when Wil tells me that the burgers at TDG are amazingly good, it takes more than a few persuasions to finally get me hyped up about trying them.

White-washed brick walls, wooden floorboards and bulb lamps dangling from the ceiling evoke a sense of eating at a diner.

A bar at the closed off smoking area.

TDG claims to make burgers with patties that are made from premium cuts with 100% pure meat and contain absolutely no additives, fillers, or preservatives of every kind ensuring that everything is fresh.

All natural indeed.

Even sauces are made in-house!

For starters, we shared a bowl of Deep Fried Calamari Rings (RM12), which were deep fried without the crazy thick batter you get in some places; and was non-greasy and crispy, very nicely done.

Wils had the good ol’fashioned Down on the Farm Burger (RM33) – beef patty with onion rings, served with corn bread, salad and fries. I didn’t try this personally for myself but Wils swore that the beef patty was juicy and tender and so delicious he couldn’t stop taking bites even when he was full to the brim. A heap of salad vegetables drizzled with vinegar and oil are served on every wooden platter which ensures that you get your greens through all that meat eating.

I can assure you that the beef patty was thicker than my hand. :p

I had the Downtown Tokyo Burger (RM30) which was the first of its kind I’ve come across. Two whole deep-fried-to-perfection soft shell crabs on a bed of rocket, topped with wasabi mayo is an incredibly unique twist on traditional patty-style burgers. My nose and tongue were running and tingling with every mouthful thanks to the numbing effect of wasabi. :p


Very very sinful!

Portions at TDG are massive as me and Wils could hardly finish our burgers and were desperately clutching our stomachs trying hard to breathe at the end of the meal. We so badly wanted to try the pretty looking desserts in the chiller (mainly the Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake) but we just couldn’t bring ourselves to have even one more bite of anything else. It is a must for me to make a return trip just to try out the desserts! :D


TDG lives up to its claims of serving up fresh quality meats and is definitely the place to go to if you’re looking for top-notch burgers. Pastas and other western food are also on the menu at TDG, with the Chermoula Super Dog garnering good reviews (something I must add to my list for the next visit).

Bangsar Village 1
Jalan Telawi 1

Bangsar, 59100
Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur


Map *here*




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