Saturday, March 31, 2012

ronnycakes reviews: Putien; One Utama PJ

My mum and I are always very excited when a new Chinese restaurant opens up and we anticipated Putien after looking at the attractive scaffolds and the fact that it hails from Singapore.
Putien actually serves Xing Hua cuisine which can be traced back to a idyllic coastal town in China: Putian, and features home-style dishes that are hearty and comfortable.


P1150410 P1150413
We asked the waiter for a recommendation and he came up with Iced Bittergourd (RM6.50), a plate of finely sliced bittergourd amongst shards of ice and a small plate of honey for dipping. Certainly something different and refreshing at the same time. However, my mum found the honey and bittergourd to be a bit of a clashing taste.

Braised Homemade Beancurd (RM7.90) was exactly that. Homemade and familiar. The beancurd had absorbed all the gravy and biting into one piece released a myriad of flavours in the mouth.

P1150418 P1150422
The star of the show: Putien Lor Mee (RM15.90 for small portion) which is one of the signature dishes at Putien. One time when we were hovering over the menu, a couple informed us that the Lor Mee was one of the best they’ve tried over in Singapore and they couldn’t wait to have it again. The pork broth was incredibly flavourful, with fresh seafood and noodles that didn’t have the alkaline taste that we usually find in local-style Lor Mee.

Overall, we were pleased with the standard of food at Putien with the only gripe of it being a little on the pricey side for the portion of food served up. If you’re interested in trying Putien, do either make a reservation in advance or head there early because it can get quite packed and a queue will slowly start to form outside.

G213A Old Wing,
1 Utama Shopping Centre
(Right besides Johnny’s Steamboat and Dave’s Deli).

Map *here*



missyblurkit said...

love the vibrant green of your iced bittergourd pic. it does take a wee of getting used to the taste of honey and bittergourd. but it does remind me of fruit juices...


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