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ronnycakes reviews: Hawker Fare at Hutong, Lot 10 KL

One of me and Wil’s favourite places to go for lunch when we’re in the heart of KL is the food court in Lot 10, Hutong; where some of the best hawker fare in KL congregate. To name a few, the famous Hon Kee porridge from Petaling Street (my dad would wake up in the dead of morning and travel all the way to KL just for the raw fish porridge) and Soong Kee Beef Noodles also set up shop at Hutong.


The old Lot 10 food court was incredibly boring and I’m glad to see that they’ve refurbished it with a very modern artsy feel (even though it can get a little claustrophobic and messy at times) and brought in so many different types of food. Most of the stalls here have a gastronomical history spanning more than at least two generations so you can be assured the food is top notch.
It also helps that Hutong is at the heart of KL and a stone’s throw away from Pavilion, Sungei Wang and Fahrenheit88 so if you’re in the area often and bored of Food Republic or just want good ol’ fashioned hawker fare, Hutong is definitely a must visit.


Pork Noodles (RM 8.35) hails from Imbi Road and had a pleasantly peppery soup base. Ingredients included the obligatory self-made roast pork sausage and a smattering of pork balls.

Next up we had Hong Thye which comes from Singapore and serves authentic Singaporean hawker fare.

My mum was pretty excited about this Singaporean Fried Hokkien Noodles (RM 8.30) and with good reason! Completely different from the local thick soya sauce laden hokkien noodles, the Singaporean version was lighter and easier on the stomach. The noodles were wet and coated in the salty-sourish sauce. Squeeze a bit of lime onto the noodles and mix together with lard completes the taste. Even my mum (who’s extremely picky with food) concluded that it was pretty similar to the ones she had in Singapore! Definitely the highlight of all the food I tried at Hutong.

Ho Weng Kee has been around since 1935 and makes good wantan mee.

A normal plate of Wan Tan Mee sets you back RM 7.90. Springy wantan noodles coated in sauce and lard with crunchy vegetables and glistening char siew.

Glistening char siew… *drools*

Pork Ribs Curry Wan Tan Noodles (RM 8.35) was a bit on the salty side but the pork ribs were stewed in the curry to the point where the meat fell of the bone easily and was fully flavoured with the curry gravy.

Ending the meal with an Ice Kacang (RM4.50) to cool off during hot days. I always love a good ice kacang especially one that uses the incredibly fragrant gula melaka.


Prices may be a little steep considering that all this is standard hawker fare but bear in mind that it is in the heart of KL, and you are enjoying your hawker food in an air-conditioned and clean shopping mall. What more is there to ask for? :)

Lot 10 Hutong Food Court
LG Floor, Lot 10 Shopping Centre,
50 Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur,

Tel: +603-2782 3840
Fax: +603-2145 9544

Map *here*



Food Dreams said...

Nice.. have to check out that delectable looking Hong Thye Hokkien Mee soon...

:: Clarissane :: said...

my ultimate fav gotta be the Wan Tan Mee! Ask them to put less sauce since they're too generous with it hence it can get a tad salty after a few mouthfuls. Less sauce and more green chilli... PERFECT! :D

ronnycakes said...

food dreams: it is really good :)

clarissane: hehe yeah it was a LITTLE bit salty. next time ask for less sauce xD


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