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Clarissane reviews: Mun Kee Steam Fish Head Restaurant, Jalan Imbi

Fish tops my list of one of my favourite food.. steamed ones in particular! Rich in protein and Omega 3 fat, it’s a healthier alternative to chicken or red meat. I always look forward anytime, any day to a delicious, hot meal of perfectly steamed fish. Give it to me and I’m a happy kid :)


Mun Kee in Jalan Imbi is known for its reasonable and a decent variety of steamed fish carp. The fishes here, called ‘Soong Yue’ in Cantonese is reared till its so plump and juicy, that its flesh just ‘melts’ in your mouth.. DARN DELICIOUS!

We always order the Garlic and Ginger Steamed Fish, RM 28 for large. Sprinkled with bits of cili padi and spring onions and other herbs, it’s the perfect dish on a rainy, cold night.. totally warms the tummy with its tinge of spiciness! This dish is always the winner on the table ;)



Fleshy and totally meaty! Have it with a plate of steaming hot rice with additional garlic and more chilli and you’re good to go!


These condiments are my must-have staples when dining in a Chinese restaurant :P


Another favourite of mine is the Sambal Steamed Fish, RM29 for large. I always love my food spicy so this is one thing I always have whenever I dine here. As my family and I are avid fish lovers, we always order two types of fish for four people. I can actually easily polish one whole fish by myself :P


For our greens, we had the Salted Fish Kai Lan, RM16. Portion for this was really small and it was barely enough to feed five people that night. It was good nevertheless, crunchy and fresh but it would fare better if the portion was bigger.. this was slightly expensive we thought.


We usually stick to Mun Kee’s staple steamed fish but it was recommended that we give the Salted Egg Yolk Fried Chicken, RM16 a go. No regrets!!! It was fried to perfection.. the salted egg yolk well marinated deep into the chicken ..absolutely heavenly to the mouth (and to the waist) !

This place is the place I always go to get my fish-fix at least once a month. Prices are very reasonable, total bill came up to about RM90 for five people including rice and drinks. Pretty decent for KL standards.

This place is always packed during lunch hours on weekdays, so its best to go during dinner if you want to avoid the crowd. And they have a buy 8, free 1 promotion for all its fishes... looks like Chinese restaurants these days are also falling into that Taiwanese desserts (read: Snowflakes, Chatime) trap to attract customers, eh?

They also have outlets in Cheras and Old Klang Road but I’m not too sure of their food standards there.

Mun Kee Steamed Fish Head,
No. 45-47, Jalan Medan Imbi,
Kuala Lumpur.

Opens daily for lunch and dinner till 11pm.

Map *here*



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