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ronnycakes reviews: Ristorante Porto Romano, The Intermark KL

The first time I was at Porto Romano, I was absolutely blown away by the quality of the food. After months of telling Wils about how great the food was, we decided to pick Porto Romano as our restaurant of choice for Valentine’s and headed to their newest branch at the Intermark.


Deco is exactly the same as the Mon’t Kiara branch with a bit more polish and modernity. The walls are lined with beautiful vintage posters and the interior is incredibly spacious with lots of seating.


Zuppa alla Porto Romano – Porto Romano Seafood Soup (RM24) was absolutely amazing. One of the best tangy tomato-based soups I have had with extremely fresh seafood and chockfull of spices. It was so good that we almost ordered another one even though we were nursing very full tummies!

Calamari rings, shrimp, clams and mussels were added to the mix.


Porto Romano serves tapas as well (not sure whether it’s a new addition to all the menus or it’s a branch exclusive thing) and we sampled the Chili Prawns with Red Chili, Garlic & Paprika (RM19). Prawns were fresh and properly deveined (plus points for that!) and the combination of chili, garlic and paprika was fragrant beyond belief. The Chinese upbringing in me badly wanted to pair it with some rice. :p

I normally don’t review food that I’ve already tried before but this is a special case as Rissotto Frutti di Mare – Seafood Risotto coated in creamy white wine sauce (RM32) was quite different than the one I tried the first time. Intermark’s version tasted a little bit like nasi kunyit; I think they slightly overdosed with the yellow ginger giving the whole dish a yellow-tone. Personally I preferred the one at Mon’t Kiara due to the absence of overpowering yellow ginger aroma, and the fact that they used diced prawns instead of whole prawns.



P1120986 P1120997
Wils had the Spaghetti with Slipper Lobster (RM38) which was another winner! The waiter assured us it was tomato-base sauce but we couldn’t really taste any hint of tomato. Nevertheless, the spaghetti was al dente and freshness of the slipper lobster was top notch.

Meaty lobster… yummy!

I’m glad to say that our visit did not disappoint at all with the exception of the risotto. Service was wonderful (the waiter even “directed” us when we asked him to take a photo for us, haha) and ambience was great as well. It’s a nice place to bring dates if you’re looking for somewhere quiet to talk. We even got 20% discount off our food! Not sure why, and whether it applies at any time of the day, or every day of the week.
I can’t wait to go back for seconds of the soup *slurps*.

Happy belated Valentine’s from us! ♥

Note: Porto Romano serves alcohol.

The Intermark
Lot 6 Lower Concourse
182 Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2162 6799

Map *here*



Baby Sumo said...

Beautiful photos! Happy Belated Valentine's!

ronnycakes said...

Baby Sumo: Thank you! :) same to you!

Anonymous said...

While you posted this a year ago, I would like to know if the portion of the food is large?


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