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ronnycakes reviews: Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant, Mid Valley Megamall

One of the problems we always face is deciding what to eat. It takes us years hours to decide what to have for lunch and on the particular day that my friend and I visited Brotzeit, we actually walked from one end of MV to the other hunting down Dragon-i and Canton-i but finally decided on Brotzeit amidst sweat and frustration (sudden change from Chinese to Western) since I had just read a review on it the night before.
Anyway, Brotzeit is located on the stretch of restaurants facing the ground floor entrance to the Gardens Mall and is a German bar cum restaurant that serves good ol’ pub grub and pork sausages.
Prices on the menu are in fact pretty steep but Brotzeit now has set lunches which are very affordable, which explained the large influx of people during lunchtime.


They have a variety of dishes – chicken, fish or pork. All German style and if you add RM6 for a Soup of the Day or RM8.90 for a salad, you get a dessert thrown in!

With the set lunches, an extra RM2 will get you an Ice Lemon Tea.
Soup of the day was Garlic Soup which was a little too cheesy and creamy for my liking, but portions were generous. The garlic was very aromatic though.
The soup came with a combination of sour rye bread and some mixed nuts bread which was incredibly healthy. You don’t really get this sort of bread with soup usually, especially for a set meal that costs less than 15 bucks.
My friend opted for the “Bavarian style” sliced pork fillet (RM14.50) – sliced pork fillet in herbed cream sauce served with salad and handmade spätzle (bavarian egg noodles). The egg noodles looked a bit like scrambled eggs but tasted a bit like clumps of spaghetti. It was creamy as well and I guess the egg noodles take some getting used to. The sauce of the pork fillet was a little sour-ish and savoury-ish which whets the appetite.
I had the Nürnberger chicken sausages (RM13) – Grilled chicken sausages on Pretzel bread served with fries. This looked really good on the menu and actual presentation did not disappoint. Taste wise was good too; the fries were seasoned perfectly and the chicken sausages were perfectly done, juicy and springy. Pretzel bread was…. hard. :p
Three sauces came with the sausages; I couldn’t identify the brown sauce but it was a tasted a bit sweet. The obligatory chili and mustard. :)
We were served a Chef’s Creation dessert with a sort of yoghurt-like/custard-like consistency, with raspberry puree on the top and bottom. This was very refreshing as it was tangy, just the right amount of sweetness. The raspberry puree was a little tooo sour though.
If you flick through the menu you’ll find that most of the dishes at Brotzeit are well above RM20 for main courses and RM15 for starters. So for set lunches to be at this price is incredibly value for money. They quite a few selections as well so it makes a pretty good place to have a nice lunch with friends.
On another note, the pork sausages looked incredibly good (and expensive) and hopefully I’ll be able to try those on my next visit. :D

Lot G (E) – 018,
Ground External Floor
Mid Valley City.

Map *here*


J2Kfm said...

The dessert looks a little like panna cotta, with a suitably tarty finish.
Indeed value for money, as I believe their other porky creations are priced at way above RM20.

Food Dreams said...

Heard the ribs are good here too... but the lunch deal sounds fabulous... hope to try this soon :)


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