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Clarissane reviews: Shivz’s Grill @ Jln Maarof, Bangsar

Being a Bangsar girl all my life, I never really knew the existence of this restaurant till it came out in a newspaper write-up a few weeks ago. The write-up described the place as having good and value for money food so I was all for going to try it out.. hence I dragged ronnycakes and another good friend of ours for lunch on a weekday to check out what’s in store :)


On weekdays during lunchtime, they offer set lunches from RM10 onwards with about five different types of varieties to choose from. Their lunch menu was a tad weird since it came written on a piece of paper. I reckon this is because they change their set menus quite often hence the need to keep on updating the menu would be a bit of a hassle. But they do of course, have a fixed menu for dining in if you order ala-carte. This place incorporates a dance floor as well and according to the newspaper write up, on certain nights of the week they have Latin and Ballroom dancing as well… pretty interesting!


The place was pretty quiet for a weekday. Seated down, a complimentary appetizer was served. It was papadom (crackers) with a spicy twist to it served with mint sauce. I thought this was really good but my two other companions thought it was a bit too spicy. Something different from the usual papadom.


Absolutely a good appetizer to prepare our stomachs for the main course!

This place serves Indian-style food with a slight Western twist so they also have pastas, salads and wraps for ala-carte orders. We wanted to try out their Prawn Salad but was informed that they don’t have it for lunch. If I’m not mistaken, during lunch on weekdays they only offer the set menus.


All sets come with a drink. We opted for the lime juice which was absolutely thirst-quenching! Not your typical limau ais you find in the mamak stores which taste like sugar water with a small pathetic lime dropped into it. This was really good.. one of the best lime juices I’ve tasted ! (looks abit like champagne with the froth on the top, dont'cha think?)


I opted for the Shaslik Kebab served with Naan, Mint Chutney and Salad, RM12.



The chicken breast was juicy, tender and succulent cooked to perfection. I thought however that it would taste even better if it was a marinated a little longer so the flavour would stand out even more. I personally felt it was a BIT bland. Nevertheless, it was something different from the usual tandoori I usually have.


Ronnycakes opted for Tandoori Chicken with Naan, Mint Chutney and Salad, RM12.



I thought the Tandoori was tastier than the Shaslik dish. Also juicy and tender, the tandoori was marinated very well with the perfect blend of spice and taste. Something I would highly recommend to order!


Our other companion had the Mutton Briyani with Curry, RM12.


Not being a fan of mutton or lamb, I tried to stay away from this dish as much as I could. I always thought these two types of meat have a very strong, unbearable smell that totally puts me off. This dish however, was surprisingly smell-free so I took a tiny bit of the briyani rice because it smelt and looked sooooooo delicious. Indeed it was! ( I still stayed away from the mutton though but our companion commented it was soft, tender and totally tasty!).

The spices of the briyani rice perfectly complemented this dish. It comes in quite a generous portion as well so for RM12 a pop, it really is good value.

We glimpsed through their ala-carte menu as well. Quite an extensive range so I’ll definitely be back to try out their other dishes someday!

Shivz’s Grill
64, Jalan Maarof,
Bangsar Baru, 59100,
Kuala Lumpur.
(same row as Maybank)
Tel: 03-2284 2500


Baby Sumo said...

The set lunch looks like a great bargain!

:: Clarissane :: said...

Yeah it definitely is! Try it! :)


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