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ronnycakes reviews: Le Deux Garçons Pâtisserie; Jalan Telawi Bangsar

After months of salivating after the cakes at that French Pâtisserie Le Deux Garçons and countless “let’s just go another day…” laziness, I finally discovered for myself why everyone loves the desserts there so much.
To be absolutely honest I was quite shocked by the prices of cakes and macarons at Le Deux Garçons but one of my friends who sampled the desserts told me that the price was justified by the taste and uniqueness of what was offered.

A wide variety of dainty, colourful and uniquely flavoured macarons sit inside the chiller. I really am a sucker for macarons; so sweet looking in their pastel colours.

You can expect cakes at Le Deux Garçons to be well above RM10.

The famous Le Palladio (crispy almond tart, layered joconde, vanilla ganache, white truffle mascarpone) which costs RM22 apiece. :O

P1130077 P1130083

I went for Passion (Joconde base, silky passion fruit mousse, mango coulis) RM13 which was deliciously tangy, light and fluffy with a hint of sweetness from the Joconde cake base.


I packed a piece of Le Favori (pistachio biscuits pate a choux, raspberry brulee, and pistachio mouselline - RM16) home because Wils was too full to have his own piece at the shop.

The layers of nutty pistachio mouselline coupled with the tangy raspberry brulee made this piece utterly unique, something you wouldn’t find so easily in other dessert shops. A light dusting of pistachio powder on the surface of the cake intensified the nuttiness. Loved it!

P1130126 P1130101
I couldn’t resist bringing home some macarons (RM5 per piece).

Top: Vodka and Lime, Bottom: Passionfruit Chocolate
What I loved about the macarons from Le Deux Garçons were that sweetness was controlled very well, and all the flavours weren’t the run of the mill ones I usually see. Vodka and Lime had a great tanginess to it whilst Passionfruit and Chocolate no doubt go wonderfully together.

My only gripe (similar to many other patrons) would be that the shop itself is tiny and only has a grand total of one table indoors under air-conditioning. On hot, humid, and stuffy days such as the weather we’re having lately, it would be a total killer to sit outside and sweat buckets while having your cakes. I’ll definitely be packing home next time.
But other than that, I absolutely loved everything that I tried from Le Deux Garçons and am especially looking forward to sampling more of their macarons!

Les Deux Garçons Pâtisserie,
No. 36, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Map *here*


Cecilia said...

Sadly, they’re getting arrogant, they’ll handle praises but not complaints. People should check the below screenshots out to see how they dealt with customer on FB:-


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