Monday, August 22, 2011

Clarissane reviews: The Vanilla Place @ Empire Shopping Gallery

A tiny quaint shop situated in the 2nd floor of Empire Shopping Gallery (ESG) offering a wide selection of food and desserts: something that definitely tickles my palette!


Pretty and simple, heart-warming ambience a great place to catch up over a nice chat and a cup of coffee. A plus point is its location on the quieter section of the mall.. away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd.



Was there on a weekday for brunch hence they were offering set lunches mainly catered for the working crowd.



Starters were assorted bread with olive paste. Loved that the bread was toasted to perfection. Dipped with the olive paste, it was something out of the usual olive oil dip.


For mains, we settled for the Honey Chicken Roasted Sandwich with Garden Greens. This was not bad, only complain I had was the chicken slices were rather hard and too chewy (I reckon it might have been leftover chicken). The honey sauce that came with it was really good though.. greens were crunchy and fresh topped with the whole muesli toast bread really complimented each other.


A great, healthy wholesome meal.. perfect combination of right carbs and protein for the health freak in you.


For sides, we had the Smoked Duck Salad, RM 14.80. This was the highlight of our meal, The duck was soft and tender, with just the right amount of fat. Crunchy, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, capsicums, carrots topped with pine nuts and cashews.. this was just heavenly to the mouth, and especially to our bodies too lol!



A meal wouldn’t be complete without trying out their coffee, I settled for the Café Mocha, RM 8.00 that came with a slice of biscotti. Fragrant, thick and frothy.. I loved this. Being a huge fan of mocha, I would definitely be coming back for more of this!

Other mains like Seafood Pesto Pasta and their Hawaiian Chicken Salad are also pretty popular; with their wide range of desserts (everyone’s saying how good their bread and butter pudding is!) and three-tier teatime set with macaroons, brownies, pie-tees and assorted cakes …I’m definitely going back for more!

The Vanilla Place
FK01, 1st Floor, Empire Shopping Gallery,
Selangor, Malaysia



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