Thursday, June 23, 2011

Clarissane reviews: Bulgogi BBQ House @ The Strand, Kota Damansara

A write up in the NST a few weeks back about a hidden, yet-to-be discovered Korean joint in the quieter suburbs of Kota Damansara fully operated by a Korean couple had me craving for Korean food. Since everything was handled by original Korean hands, I assumed the food would be more authentic.


A simple, no frill small corner lot shop was packed to the brim when we arrived at about 8pm. They had to open a table for us outside the shop. Wasn’t the best dining experience especially with all the BBQ smoke coming directly at us. I vowed to make reservations the next time!


The usual fare of Banchans (side-dishes) that you get in all Korean joints. The squid was most memorable, so springy in texture! And I’ve always loved the sweet-spicy anchovies. Simple yum!


We placed on order the couple dinner set @ RM38.90. If you’re familiar with Korean cuisine, their BBQ items are usually the best sellers. You can of course find them here as well, but we decided to skip it this time as portions here looked small and pretty pricey for what you get. But I’m sure it tastes good since a few tables did order it and boy did it smell good!


We settled for the Pork Kimchi Soup. This was pretty average, with generous slices of pork, mushrooms and vegetables. The soup was addictive though I couldn’t get enough of it!


The Chicken Chilli Bulgogi was a winner that night. Loved the combination of generous serving of onions and sliced chicken. Went perfect with rice :)


Both of us polished this dish clean :D


In addition to the set, we also ordered their Beancurd Stew, RM13.80. Portions were generous. The stew came with clams, mushrooms, chicken and a few other ingredients. The soup was also very addictive, I was telling my companion that it tasted like our local Maggi soup noodles :P


The set menu also offered a choice of Steamed Dumplings or eggs and we opted for the former. No regrets! The dumplings were fat and juicy, with generous amounts of pork filling.

We were served watermelon slices and a small glass of cold barley rice drink to finish off our meal. Perfect ending to a wholesome, delicious meal!

A good place for a nice, quiet, decent meal if you are craving for a Korean fare. Do remember to make reservations in advance though! Set lunches are served from RM9.90 onwards as well, will definitely go back to check that out!

Bulgogi BBQ House
12A, GF,PJU 5/20B
The Strand,
Kota Damansara

Tel: 03 – 6142 7088



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