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ronnycakes reviews: Levain Boulangerie Patisserie, Jln Delima

If you’re looking for a cosy place to have breakfast, lunch or tea, you definitely have to consider taking the trip down town and to visit Levain Boulangerie Patisserie (what a mouthful! People usually just refer to it as Levain :p).
It’s one of the converted bungalows in the housing area at Jalan Delima; most of these houses are already converted into restaurants or shoplots, and right next to Levain is Fukuya, that fine dining Japanese restaurant.

Levain has its own parking lot but the size of it is pretty small, so expect to have to park outside on illegal spots during lunch hour. There’s also a valet service for RM2.00 per entry but when it gets crowded, they’ll just give you a “NO MORE SPACE” hand gesture. =.=

Levain (16)

The restaurant reminds me of a French-style café with the wicker chairs and wooden tables, as well as grapevines and greenery around the outside seating area which makes for a great place to catch up with friends or just chit chat over tea. That’s what we did on a weekday afternoon, a whole group of friends headed down to Levain for luncheon and tea. :)

We sat outside because it was really full (lunchtimes on weekdays are especially full due to the office crowd) but the open air area wasn’t incredibly hot as there was sufficient shade and overhead fans to keep cool. The inside is air-conditioned with seating both downstairs and upstairs.

Levain (15)
Beautiful flowers decorating the backyard.

Levain (22)

Prices are pretty reasonable for the food at Levain, with the most expensive item only at RM12.50. Other than having hot dishes, Levain also has a dedicated bakery which pops out fresh pastries and if you prefer your bread and pastries to be hot, you can bring it to the counter and request for them to reheat it for you. :)

Levain (27)
The drinks menu.

Levain (25)
Small pots of honey and jam for the plain breads.

Levain (28)
They also sell packets of handmade (?) chocolates.

Levain (9)

Levain (8)

Levain (13)

There’s so much stuff at the bakery side that you’ll be spoilt for choice and tempted to be greedy and just take one of everything! I spent ages circling the bread area deciding which ones to take, ARGH I WANT THEM ALL! XD
Not only are there loads of pastries, but there are also one whole row of macaroons (RM3.60 each) as well as sliced cakes. Sadly in my two visits to Levain I’ve been unable to sample the cakes since I was incredibly greedy and took too many pastries, so the cakes are a MUST-TRY for me in my next visit! :D

Levain (30)

Levain (1)
Chocolate Croissants (RM1.50 per piece) in the foreground and Maple Log Bread (RM5.30) in the background.
Chocolate Croissants were crispy with sweet melt-in-your-mouth chocolate covering the outside. Finger licking good! :D
Maple Log Bread was nice and butterish, but not as good as the Chocolate Log Bread which I tried last time.

Levain (2)
Apple Tart (RM4.50 for two pieces). I didn’t try this so I don’t know whether it was good. Looks really good though!

Levain (17)
Seafood Pizza at RM4.20. Just so-so.

Levain (19)
Choco Crunch (RM3.30) Semi-sweet chocolate chips on a charcoal bun.
This will either be a hit or miss. Some people from our group thought it was too bitter, but some of us thought that it was just mildly sweet enough.

Levain (3)
Turkey Ham and Eggs (RM3.20). This was one of my favourites! I had it reheated so it was warm and the mayo and cheese was all melted on the bread and ham. The highlight of the pastry was the yellow yolk-like thing in the middle. It’s actually a ball of egg salad (egg whites and egg yolks mashed together with mayo) and it’s absolutely scrumptious! Don’t miss this one!

Levain (20)
Turkey de something (forgot sorry T__T) which was incredibly spicy! Bits of turkey ham sprinkled with black pepper in the bread was very delicious but too spicy for me. My mouth was literally on fire after having one bite. XD

Levain (4)
Chicken Bolognese Pasta (RM 9.90).

Levain (5)
Thai Style Seafood Pasta (RM 9.90). Pasta with a sour kick. Yummy! I love everything that is sour and everything with the word “Thai” tacked on. :p
Me lurve thai food long time. ♥ But really this was pretty good, most of the people on the table agreed as well. Don’t miss this if you’re a fan of spicy and sour things!

Levain (18)
Seafood Aglio Olio (RM 12.50). Prawns, squid and fish tossed with pasta in a olive oil sauce.
This one was pretty good, quite savoury. One thing about Olio is that a lot of restaurants either make it TOO dry, or make it TOO oily, or make it so that there’s only oil and no other taste. I’m happy to say that the one at Levain is savoury (not tasteless!!) but the one I had was a bit too oily for my palate.

Levain (6)
Mushroom Soup (RM 6.90). Very very creamy, full of the good stuff. Definitely not straight out of any can! A little too creamy for me so I only had a sip. I think it’ll be good for sharing as its so creamy if you finish it on your own you might not have space for all the other yummy stuff!

Levain (7)
A box of macaroons. :D

In conclusion, Levain serves great food for great prices, definitely affordable! Also, there’s so much choice that you' won’t be getting bored of the place any time soon. That explains the huge crowd of office people during lunch time. XD
The only thing would be the lack of parking and the horrendous jam in KL roads which makes going from the PJ area quite a chore. Nevertheless, do check this place out as it comes highly recommended from me! :)

No. 7, Jalan Delima,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,


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