Monday, March 28, 2011

Clarissane reviews: Din Tai Fung @ Empire Shopping Gallery

Good Chinese cuisine is hard to find. I’ve tried DTF a number of times and I don’t think I will ever get tired of the food here. I reckon I can just drop by and have 2 servings of their famed Xiao Long Bao’s :p


An award-winning restaurant, it was voted one of the world’s top 10 restaurants in the world by the New York Times (so obviously the food is good hehe).


We started off with their appetizer.. Golden Pumpkin, RM3.80. This was sooo good I was so tempted to order another plate. It came hot and crispy, fried to perfection. Take a bite, and the pumpkin just melts slowly in your mouth. AH!



Look at the pumpkin! Looking at it makes me salivate already. This dish is now the ‘must-order’ dish on my list!


We also tried their apparently famous appetizer.. Xiao Cai, RM3.80. It was not bad, with slices of tofu, chilli and some springy type of vege. I was trying to figure out what it is exactly made out of but I could not figure haha. Pretty okay, something out of the ordinary.


Looks a bit like glass noodles.


And of course, the MUST ORDER dish here is their famed Xiao Long Bao (Meat Dumplings), RM9.80 for 6 pieces. It was delicious of course.. I always preferred the ones here compared to Dragon-I.


Dip it with the vinegar and ginger provided and voila…. Perfect Xiao Long Bao’s that oozes out meat and gravy when eaten… heavenly!


Making them is an art and a skill that is mastered.


There’s also a certain way to eat it, always take the dumpling at its tip. If you don’t, high chances are, all the gravy in it would come spilling out, and well your dumpling won’t be as delicious anymore :p


The sifu’s hard at work dishing out the Xiao Long Baos!


This is a definite dish to order if you visit this place! It goes synonymously, trust me it’s never enough!


One other dish we never fail to order is their Cha Jiang La Mien, RM12.80. One of their best-sellers, I fully understand why. Noodles served here are all hand-made giving it the perfect texture and springiness. It’s not the ordinary noodles that will make you feel so overwhelmed after a few bites. Topped with minced meat, tofu and their secret ingredient, this dish never fails to deliver!


Oh, and don’t forget to add the chilli flakes in it.. oozes up the taste even more ;)


The Braised Beef La Mien, RM16.80 was quite tasty as well. With hints of spiciness in the soup, accompanied with soft and oh-so-tender beef slices.. it was a perfect-ending to the meal. This would be good on a cold, windy night when you crave for something warm :p


The beef was really tender it literally melts in your mouth. I reckon they boiled it for hours before serving. Oh, and the beef here does not have that strong kind of smell (which absolutely puts me off) so it gets extra points :)

In my previous visits, I’ve also tried their desserts mainly their Tong Yuen (Glutinous Rice Balls) with sesame and peanuts. It is really really good as well, a perfect, sweet ending to top off the meal.

A good place to visit to satisfy that Xiao Long Bao cravings, at the same time have some delicious, comfort food !

Din Tai Fung,
Empire Shopping Gallery,
Jalan SS16/1, SS16
47500 Subang Jaya.
(also with outlets in The Gardens and Pavilion KL)


Baby Sumo said...

The Xiao Cai comprises of spicy vermicelli noodles mixed with seaweed, bean sprout, dry beancurd, sesame oil and chilli oil.

Love the XLB here... super yums!

:: Clarissane :: said...

@ Baby Sumo: hehe great description on the Xiao Cai, thanks :D and YEAH best XLB!!!! :D


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