Thursday, August 16, 2012

ronnycakes reviews: Cielo Dolci, Paradigm Mall PJ

The very first time that I visited Paradigm Mall, my attention was immediately grabbed by the quaint little whimsical gelato shop on the lower ground floor. I didn’t have enough space in my stomach or the time to try the gelato on that day but I vowed (to Wils) that we would come back another time if only just to try the gelato.

Cielo (pronounced ceh-lo) means heaven/sky in Italian and Dolci comes from “dolce freddo artigianale” which means artisinal frozen desserts. The owners were inspired by gelato in Italian and according to their website (beautifully whimsical as well!), their gelato makers were professionally trained in Italy so you’re getting 100% authentic Italian gelato. Cielo Dolci also educates us on it’s website that gelato is worlds apart from ice-cream, mainly that gelato has a cloud-like smooth quality and more intense flavours as compared to ice-cream.

Beautifully illustrated gelato cups.


Gelato galore! The servers are incredibly helpful and friendly as well; I tried almost all the flavours that they had before making my decision and I can vouch that 80% of them were super yummy.

I always find that gelato places have the most reasonable pricing, just look at that: 2 flavours for only RM8.80! One scoop from Haagen-Dazs or Baskin Robbins would easily set you back RM7-RM12, and here you are getting 2 scoops of authentic handmade gelato.

flavors (1)
Here is a better look at some of the standard flavours that they have. Cielo Dolci also comes up with seasonal flavours once in a while so do drop by to take a look at what’s available from time to time.

The interior of the shop is like the sky, with blue walls and clouds.


P1190011 P1190030


For RM8.80, I got two scoops of super smooth and intensely flavoured scoops of Vanilla Bean and Hazelnut gelato. What sets Cielo Dolci apart from some of the other gelato places is that you can taste the ingredients in your gelato. In other words, the hazelnut gelato and hazelnut bits whilst the vanilla one had speckles of vanilla beans. Super yum and value for money.


There’s a story behind the drawings on the cups! 
Now isn’t that beautiful. :)

Paradigm Mall, Level LG-Lot 50,
1, Jalan SS7/26A, Kelana Jaya,
47301 Petaling Jaya

Map *here*



Baby Sumo said...

I adore the salted caramel flavour ;)

ronnycakes said...

and I love the name! Fairy dust! :D


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