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gluttonsquare reviews: The Bee; Jaya One

The Bee has been on our lists for quite some time and in celebration of Clarissane’s birthday (yes we’re having a lot of birthday celebrations recently :p) we headed to The Bee at Jaya One with another companion.

We were so incredibly gluttonous that we ordered 6 dishes and 3 desserts to share between 4 people! I guess everything on the menu just looked too tempting. :D
(more like we are real,certified gluttons)




Enough with the surroundings, now to the stomach crying cravings!

DSC_0085First up we had the Dukkah Prawn Salad (RM14.50) which was abundant with the good stuff: four large nicely grilled prawns. The salad’s sauce was refreshing and a sprinkling of nuts gave it an extra crunch.

Dukkah Prawn Salad
Incredibly fresh prawns. The only thing that really stood out in this dish. The salad would taste better with a bit more taste. It was a bit bland :P

Chilli Prawn Pasta
This was the incredibly fiery Chili Prawn Pasta (RM19.50) that had us all gulping copious amounts of water down to quench the spiciness. The spice can be attributed to birds-eye chillies being used in the preparation of this dish. Light and not overly rich, this was pretty good!



Moving on to more gastronomic pastures.

Avocado Chicken Burger
The Avocado Chicken Burger (RM16.50) was avocado sauce over a grilled chicken thigh. For ronnycakes, personally the taste was a little too subtle and bland, both the sauce and the meat. However, the fries were fried to perfection (none of that super oily taste that you get with a lot of other fries) and nicely salted.

DSC_0092The burger came with a complimentary cup of The Bee’s Freshly-Made House Lemonade. A rather refreshing experience.


Avocado Chicken Burger

Grilled Hummus Wrap

Grilled Hummus Wrap
The Grilled Hummus Wrap (RM10) was one of our healthier choices as it was vegetarian, with alfalfa sprouts, lettuce and tomato wrapped with hummus spread. It was refreshing with a slight savoury edge to it due to the hummus spread and is a great choice for those who want something light and healthy.
For Clarissane, it tasted really bland. Instead, the next dish was a clear winner!

This was THE dish of the day, the Huevos Rancheros (RM 11). All of us loved it!
Generous slices of beef bacon, ham and egg wrapped with tortilla with their own mix of special sauce was so good it kept the three of us (with the exception of ronnycakes) craving for more! Definitely a must-order dish on their menu! :D


Nachos Plate
We did not feel like we had enough so we went for an additional order of the Nachos Plate (RM18.50). Topped with avocado spread and sour cream, the beef and cheese went really well with the crispy and slightly salted nacho chips. Absolutely delicious! Would go down well with a glass of chilled beer. :P

Barista of the Day

DSC_0166 Clarissane needed her dose of caffeine for the day and settled for a hot cup of Caffé Mocha (RM 7.50). Rich and thick in flavour with the perfect coffee aroma, it went really well with the biscotti that came with it.


Chiller of Desserts
The Bee takes their cupcakes from Cupcake Chic and bakes a range of cakes in-house. All of them looked fantastic but we settled on something more out of the ordinary.

We picked the Baked Mars Bar Cheesecake (RM 9.50) which was slightly too cheesy and sweet for ronnycakes’ palate and also, the Mars bar only reached halfway into the cake so near the edges there was only cheesecake and no Mars bar. :(
Kind of a killjoy there. The cheese also melted way too fast so it got a bit gooey and mushy after a few bites. Their fridge probably isn’t cold enough. :P

The Bee is also famous for stocking The Last Polka’s, locally made ice-cream with flavours that suit our local Malaysian palette. With an incredibly wide range of creative flavours, we couldn’t decide! Their best sellers are most notably Nutella and Guinness; we so wanted to try the Guinness one but sadly, they ran out so that’s an excuse to go back for another visit! ;)

Coconut Kaffir Lime Ice-Cream
Loving The Last Polka’s logo design!


Coconut Kaffir Lime Ice-Cream
Coconut Kaffir Lime (RM 6.80) ice-cream was one of their newest creations that we opted for and we definitely made the right choice because everyone on the table loved it. It had just the right amount of sweetness and tanginess which made it so refreshing.

Dolce Churros
To finish off our meal, we ordered the Dulce Churros (RM 9), which were basically sticks of dough sprinkled with cinnamon sugar with a sort of caramel-like dip on the side. Imagine donuts without the hole. Ronnycakes found it much too sweet for her liking (the cinnamon sugar AND the caramel dip) but Clarissane and our other companion liked it. Reminded her of her favourite Auntie Anne’s pretzels :P


A couple of final shots of the place.

DSC_0178An announcement board of the latest happenings & promotions.

DSC_0215A woody kitchen counter.

A welcoming choice to sit by window


With the conventional mini round tables


All in all an exceptionally satisfying brunch. Everything from starters, main courses to desserts were top notch. Us gluttons are already planning on our next trip there. So much so that we can’t stop talking about it whenever we meet. I would also like to especially point out on their weekend brunch menu where they serve entrees that are different altogether. Think no more and head on down! =)

2A-G, Block K, Jaya One
No.72 Jalan Universiti, Section 13
46200 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

(603) 7960 2160

Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday 10am - 12am
Friday and Saturday 10am - 1am
Sunday 10am - 4pm

Map *here*


J2Kfm said...

Though I had a pretty harrowing experience here one time. The waiter was just too clumsy and bumped into our table, crashing my glass of lemonade and instead concentrated on wiping the floor instead of caring about a customer affected by the spill.

:: Clarissane :: said...

We were there on a weekday lunch so there wasn't much of a crowd. Our waitress was attentive and cleared our plates fast. Thank God we didn't have to go through your experience..probably try visiting again when there's a lesser crowd? :)


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