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ronnycakes reviews: Fong Lye Taiwanese Restaurant, Sri Hartamas

Mention Taiwanese cuisine in KL and one of the first names that comes to mind is Fong Lye. This branch of Taiwanese cuisine has been around for decades, starting out in a small shop downtown. As for me, I’ve been dining at Fong Lye ever since they opened a branch near my area in Sri Hartamas and my mum just loves the food there. Good quality Chinese chow! :D



The interior is clean, comfortable and beautifully decorated with cute chopstick holders and little tea cups. Staff are also very polite and attentive when you walk in, they immediately chime in a loud “welcome!” in Mandarin.



Okay enough of interior pictures, more of the food!

On that particular visit, we had the Beancurd in Claypot with Abalone Clams (RM18 for regular size) which came with Japanese fried tofu, mushrooms, abalone clams, fish maw and the obligatory carrots and sweet peas. The gravy was tasty and thick and went perfectly with some rice.


My favourite abalone clams, yum-yum!

Their Fried Sliced Pork with Bittergourd (RM18 regular-sized) is also very famous and almost every table during lunch-time orders this dish. The pork is sliced thinly and is smooth whilst the bittergourd is nicely done, not too hard or too soft. The addition of black beans to the dish adds to the fragrance of it. Thumbs up!

Another sleeper hit was the Special Choy Sam with Minced Meat (RM14 for regular) which has a really whimsical name in meaning Red in the Snow. This dish comprises of chop-chop-chopped up Choy Sam with large green beans, minced meat, dry beancurd, chili and some other vegetable that I don’t know the name of. It may look very vegetarian and bland but in fact it tastes absolutely wonderful and is a great addition to the meal.

It goes great with rice!

At the end of the meal, we were served a complimentary platter of fruits and a small glass of lime juice to wash all the great food down. Their lime juice is in-house made and tastes wonderfully tangy.



All in all, Fong Lye is a great place for family dinners as they serve a wide variety of dishes that will definitely be a hit with everyone. Most of the things I’ve tried tastes good (with the exception of the cold wine chicken *shudder*) so if you’re looking for some to place to bring your parents or grandparents, this should definitely be on your list. :)

However, it gets pretty packed at lunchtimes and dinnertimes so call in advance to make a reservation!
And a final note, the Fong Lye in Mid Valley serves personal sets but this branch only serves dishes to go with rice (with the exception of some noodles or fried rice).

Plaza Prisma Ville 9
Jalan 19/70a
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Sri Hartamas

Map *here*


Bob's Bobbly Blog said...

May I suggest a few recommendations in Fong Lye:

1) Cod Fish Marinated in Miso Paste is delish!

2) Deep fried rice wine pork cutlet

3)Prawns in Pepper are my personal choice but that's my opinion

4) French bean stir fry.

AugustDiners said...

fong lye is my frequent taiwanese joint too, i dare to say ive tried almost everything in the menu!

ronnycakes said...

Bob: I love the prawns in pepper too! :) Will try the others that you have recommended too. :)

AugustDiners: It is great isn't it! Most of their dishes are quite nice.. but I can't say that I've tried all of them yet hehe.

asknomster said...

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