Thursday, March 31, 2011

ronnycakes reviews: New York Deli, One Utama

It was one of those days where we were wandering around One Utama wondering what to have for lunch.. before coming across New York Deli (haven’t revisited the place for more than a year) and stumbled somewhat accidentally into some not-bad-at-all penne pasta.

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The concept of the place (like the name of the restaurant) is of a New York style eatery, with the food that they serve being somewhat “Manhattan-ish” so we were surprised with what a sleeper hit the penne ended up being.

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Penne in Tomato Sauce with Fresh Seafood (RM20.90). I hardly ever rave about tomato sauce-based pasta but I have to say I really liked this dish of penne pasta. The sauce was the right amount of sweet, savoury, and sour with just a hint of spiciness. The penne was done well, not over or undercooked. My only gripe was the seafood (fish, calamari and prawns) which the menu claimed to be fresh, but was not. :\

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We also got the Double Barrel (RM14.90) with sliced turkey, roast beef, mushroom sauce, sauteed onions and sauteed mushrooms. Swapped my roast beef for roast chicken instead. The sandwich was nothing to shout about, just average.

newyorkdeli (13)
Mushrooms and roast chicken oozing out of the sandwich…

The food at New York Deli isn’t to say really cheap, but it certainly holds its own in taste. Most of the things I’ve tried at this eatery are not bad at all, with the exception of the breakfast which comes in really tiny portions. I kid you not, the sausages are the size of my pinky (about the size of cocktail sausages) and the eggs are smaller than my palm. =.=

The tomato sauce penne was definitely great in our visit so if you’re in One Utama and having trouble deciding what to eat, do try it out. :)

LG311 One-Utama (New Wing)
Bandar Utama

Map *here*



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