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ronnycakes reviews: Jade Pot Steamboat, Sri Hartamas

Someone once told me that what makes a steamboat meal delicious depends heavily on three things: the soup stock, the sauces, and freshness of ingredients.

I’ve never been a true fan of steamboat but after trying this outlet, I’ve constantly been bugging my mum, friends, boyfriend into bringing me for steamboat meals… :p
Trust me on this one, the soup is THAT GOOD. Everyone has given their double thumbs up (and quadruple if they had that many thumbs) for the soup and sauce, even Clarissane who’s also been to this place a couple of times. :D

jadepot (15)
The interior is modern, clean, and fully air-conditioned. The temperature is quite cool too so no worries that you’ll be huffing and puffing and sweating after the hot piping steamboat meal! Service is also very prompt and friendly, all the staff are always smiling and very attentive: filling tea once you finish it, or taking away used plates and such.

Jade Pot offers three set combinations for the lunch crowd, mainly combinations for two pax, four pax, or six pax. Pricing is as follows:

Two pax: RM39.80++
Four pax: RM75.80++
Six pax: RM109.80++

For soup choices, Jade Pot offers three different soups, the first of which is Jade Pot Superior Stock, Tom Yam Soup, Fish Head with Yam Soup. You can choose either to have one soup or two, and they’ll serve the steamboat with a dual-section pot.

I swear by the Superior Stock which is a bit like an ABC soup, with tofu, potatoes, tomatoes, corn and onions. The base of the soup is pork meat and bones which explains why it’s so full of flavour.
The Fish Head with Yam is quite good, suitable for the more health-conscious as the base of the soup if from fish bones and definitely has less cholesterol than the superior stock. The only thing about this soup base is that the herbal taste is quite strong and when it gets cold, it can have a slight fishy smell to it.
As for the Tom Yam Soup, I tried it quite a while ago and was not at all impressed. The tomyam was much too mild and was sweet instead of sour. I don’t know whether they’ve made improvements to it yet but try this one with caution.

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jadepot (2)

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The sauces! On the left is the chili flake oil, which is my favourite. Slightly salty with bits of shallots, it is very very aromatic as the chili is fried in oil to release all the flavours. On the right is Sang Har Jeong (red chili sauce), very finely blended red chili.

jadepot (35)
My favourite. :p

jadepot (14)
The other two is the Fu Yu sauce (fermented beancurd) which is not really my sort of thing, so I haven’t tried it. But the staff recommend that diners mix the fu yu sauce with the chili flake oil which produces quite an interesting taste that is definitely acquired. The last one is the Thai green chili sauce which is my mum’s favourite, finely blended green chili that is smooth and tangy. The sauces here are good enough to rival Coca Steamboat which has sadly dropped standards in recent years.

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Ingredients are very fresh! The set lunch for two comes with pairs of everything, pairs of shrimp wanton, pork wanton, yong taufu, prawn ball (which has a salted egg yolk filling yay!!), Foochow fish ball (pork filling hehe) and deep fried fish ball.

jadepot (20)
Fried Foo Chuk.

jadepot (24)
Shrimp watercress dumplings, eggs, watercress, and yee mee.

In my opinion, the best vegetables to eat with steamboat are watercress! Because of how watercress have hollow stems and become soft when boiled, so it absorbs all the goodness of the soup and when you eat it, all the soup comes spilling out. :D

jadepot (21)
The glorious soup!! So good I can’t stop drinking it. XD
A note, soup is refillable for free!

jadepot (37)

jadepot (31)

jadepot (41)
Shit I’m feeling hungry just looking at it. :p

The set lunch also comes with a small dessert so at the end of the meal when everything has been chomped and all the soup finished (I suppose that’s just me :p), the waiters will serve a small bowl of ai yu bing, or lemongrass jelly, the type that you can get from pasar malams.

jadepot (33)
Just nice; something cold and tangy to end the meal!

It’s not the most value-for-money around, but prices are justifiable by the freshness of the seafood, service, and ambience. Do try this place out if you’re in the area! It’s highly recommended by me! :D Great for rainy days when you need something to warm your insides up.
Also, the soup is really good. I may have mentioned that once, twice, a few times. :p

There’s also a branch in Old Klang Road, which also serves dimsum which I’ve never tried. I’d like to go try some time!!

Sri Hartamas Branch:
No. 5, Ground Floor Plaza Prismaville,
Jalan 19/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas

Old Klang Road Branch:
No 413, Batu 5,
Jalan Kelang Lama


:: Clarissane :: said...

The Old Klang Road outlet's steamboat is as good as the one in Hartamas, the place is much bigger as well. Good for dining in for dinners :) Have yet to try their dimsum... maybe we should some day, ronnycakes! ;D

Nava.K said...

agree with you that the key in steamboat is the dipping sauce and the broth, makes a whole of difference when tasting.

ronnycakes said...

Clarissane: hahaha yes we should!! :D

Nava.K: yup, it can make or break the meal!!

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Kindly be informed that this post has been reprinted on JoinMe.com.my, thanks. ^^
P/S: We have put your name and link credit back to this article.


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