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Clarissane reviews: Tony Roma’s @ The Gardens, Mid Valley

Mention Western food and Tony Roma’s springs to my mind. On weekdays, they have their daily set lunches which comes with soup, drink and a main course which you can choose from a variety of food from salads, steaks, to burgers or sandwiches from RM16.90++ onwards. Portions are so generous, leaving me always stuffed to the brim! Now, this is what I call value for money :P


They usually have two types of soup served so customers get more variety.. the one here is their Potato Soup with bite-sized chunks of potato in it which is pretty good if you are a potato lover! All their soups come with a small packet of crisps (really good crisps!) as well.

(I’m always tempted to ask the staff what brand of crisps they use, but I’m usually too embarassed hehe)


I usually always have their Beef Stew Soup whenever its on the menu on that day. It is soooo delicious I always polish clean the whole bowl :D


Check out the beef in the soup!! Looking at it makes me drool already!

They also throw in carrots and onions in the soup hence giving it the fragrant smell with a slight sweet-sourish tang to the soup which is why I absolutely love it. The tenderness of the beef slices compliments the soup perfectly!! I don’t mind having this as a main meal by itself (yes, it’s that good). Dip it with toasted ciabatta and VOILA!


I rarely order salads at restaurants due to the fact that it’s usually not worth what you pay for. How expensive can vegetables doesn’t justify charging such high prices right? :P

The Tony’s Asian Salad here is the only salad I have when dining out. It comes with their special-made house sauce topped with generous slices of grilled chicken. This is one salad I swear by and usually always have it when I feel that I shouldn’t overindulge for the day.


Bite-sized grilled chicken..perfecto!



The Mojito Chicken topped with Pineapple Slices is pretty good as well if you want a balanced meal. It’s grilled chicken breast topped with pineapple salsa and comes with a side of coleslaw and fries. I usually always have the fries switched to mash potatoes instead for a healthier option.


I’ve also tried their Fried Mushrooms in my previous visits here. It’s not bad but nothing amazing.


Their Onion Loaf is a great appetizer. It is huge so order it if you’re with a big group of people or if you’re just an avid onion lover. It tastes exactly like onion rings with a light, crisp batter.


Of course, a trip here would be incomplete without their famed BBQ Beef Ribs! I reckon it would taste even better if it was Pork Ribs instead (they serve pork ribs in their Singapore joints) but the beef ribs here are also pretty worth eating! Just the right amount of meat and fat- making it oh-so-juicy and tender. I always end up licking up everything till the bone :D

All the items come in ala-carte orders as well..but I gotta admit, the weekdays set lunch is the one really worth going for! Spend above RM30 and you can get a RM10 off your next visit! How? Just keep your receipt, go online, fill up their survey form and take down the code number when you submit the survey. I always do that and leave RM10 heavier in my pocket :P


Whilst flipping through their cocktails menu, I stumbled upon this! A hot cup of beverage for only RM0.50! It’s valid for dine-in from 3-6pm. And so, of course we ended our meal with a nice, hot, steaming cup of coffee :D



I thought our coffee lacked a bit of aroma and needs a stronger ‘kick’ but for RM0.50, I should not complain! Most coffee joints charge 10 times the amount.


Currently, their also doing their bit for charity – a Tony Roma’s Gift Pack for RM10 nett comprising complimentary coupons with proceeds going to the National Autism Society of Malaysia.

So head there, enjoy the food and do your bit for charity! ;)


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