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ronnycakes reviews: Nature’s Vegetarian, Telawi Bangsar

Once in awhile when I’m tired of eating meaty dishes, I go for vegetarian food. Not to say that vegetarian food is healthy (it actually isn’t much different from other food as there’s an abundance of oil and MSG to flavour the food due to the absence of meat), but being a non-meat-lover, I find it extremely gratifying not to have to pick the fat out of my meat when I know everything is made of something that came from a vegetable origin. :D

Nature’s at Telawi Bangsar is one of the places me and my friends go for Chinese style vegetarian food, and it does a pretty good job on most of its offerings.
The interior houses tables of chocolate brown rosewood as well as oriental style decorations: ceramic statues, and chinese tea lining the back of the counter.

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Parking can be a bitch, as it’s in the highly congested Telawi area. XD
Either resort to double parking or park inside BV and walk over as its just a stone’s throw away!

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The menu sports the words 天然 which means natural.

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Chinese Pou Lei at RM3 per head.

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Thai Style Fried Rice RM8. When you say Thai Style Fried Rice, I think of tom yam automatically.
The rice was fragrant and full of wok hei, but the tom yam taste was too subtle for my liking. That said, it’s still a mean fried rice with lots of goodies like chopped long beans, carrots, celery and some vegetarian mock-meat. Try this!

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Kangkung Fried with Sambal Belacan, RM12. Despite the vegetables being very fresh, this one was a bit odd, the sambal was actually slightly sour.
Sample at your own risk. XD

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Fried Prawns with Dried Chilies, RM15 (in other words, Gong Bou Prawns). This one came with lettuce, cashewnuts and ladyfingers and was a tad salty, so goes well with a bowl of plain rice. It had just the right amount of spiciness and the mock prawns tasted almost like the real thing in terms of texture and flavour. ALMOST. :p

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Special Homemade Fried Noodles, RM10. Your usual fried mee with gravy of the soya sauce variety, with beancurd skin, cabbage, and choy sum; except that the noodles are handmade with a nice chewy texture.

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The Fried Spare Ribs with Honey RM12 was disappointing, as the mock-meat was dry and hard (I think overdone on the frying) and the sauce was much too sweet. It tasted literally like licking honey off your spoon.

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Vegetarian Wu Kok RM4.80 with mock-meat as filling. These were pretty good, much better than many of those non-veg dimsum places.
The outer of the puff was crispy and the inside was soft with melt in your mouth texture. My only complaint for this would be that it’s a bit too oily for me.

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The inside. :p

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Vegetarian Siu Mai RM4.80, very dry without sweet sauce or chili sauce. Tastes nothing like normal Siu Mai, as it is slightly spongey which I think is due to the fact that it’s made out of gluten ingredients.

All in all, the food is reasonably priced and pretty good for vegetarian fare, but some of the dimsum may be questionable. There’s a branch in Hartamas as well but as far as I know, they don’t serve vegetarian dimsum there so for those who want to be a bit adventurous and try out how vege dimsum might taste like, make sure to go to the Bangsar branch!

24, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru, 59100 KL


Justin Hee said...

U girls can seriously order a lot O_O

ronnycakes said...

Hehe thanks for dropping by! I was at this place with two of my guy friends so they ta-paued the rest :p


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