Saturday, February 26, 2011

ronnycakes reviews: desserts at Plan B, Bangsar Village I

Plan B is relatively new in Bangsar Village, taking over where Theobroma Chocolate Lounge used to be. There’s always quite a crowd at lunchtimes and seating may be a problem when it comes to the peak hours. So we decided to go at tea time to just try the desserts as there seems to be quite an extensive range of desserts which look absolutely gorgeous!

The deco of the place is minimalistic and trendy in my opinion, sort of like loft-style with spotlights and plasma screens on the far side of the interior. The counter is also full of their cakes and scones on display. I don’t think anyone can step into Plan B and resist all those beautiful desserts displayed on the counter and the fridge. :p



Raisin scones.

Almond Croissants at RM6 a piece.

Their range of muffins.

Chocolate Cookie Bar at RM5

Mini Strawberry Cheescakes RM9; and Lemon Tart on the right at RM10.

Classic Chocolate Cake at RM11. Looks incredibly sinful!!
The big white blob is the Red Velvet Cake and on the right side of the Chocolate Cake is the Chocolate Torte RM12.


Since there were only three of us, we could only order three things which was such a shame because there were so many things I wanted!!
I’ve heard good things about the Red Velvet cake, and Xin swore by the banoffee tart so we got those.


This is my first ever time trying Red Velvet (RM9) so I had no idea what to expect. Speaking as a first timer, I thought the cake was quite good, with the cream cheese not being too overpowering or thick (like carrot cake from Secret Recipe urghh) and the chocolate was not overly sweet. The cake was also nice and moist.
One thing that disappointed me was how little chocolate filling it had; the chocolate taste was so subtle that I almost missed it (hence the not-overly-sweet-feeling).


Apple Crumble Tart (also RM9) gets plus points because it came with ice-cream! :D
It was run-of-the-mill, nothing to shout about, except the apples came in nice big chunks.


The best one of the day was the Banoffee Tart at RM10.90 a piece for a TINY TART smaller than the inside of my palm. In terms of value, not very good (:p) but I have no idea how it’s made and it could be a really difficult process like making macaroons, soooo I’m sure they have a reason for justifying the price.
This was a bit sweet but neutralized by the tart. The base was caramelized toffee and was so good I mopped it all up with my fork!

I can’t wait to go back for a second round of Chocolate Raspberry Cake, or the Chocolate Torte which looked so yummy and also the Flourless Fudge Cake and Cookie Bar and Rocky Road Bar and and and…!
Forgive me for my sweet tooth.

Plan B,
Ground Floor, Bangsar Village I,
59000 Bangsar, KL.



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